These Bellagio Fountain Watchers Are...

These two iPad toting Bellagio fountain watchers are...

iPad Camera

Preserving their Las Vegas memories forever. [1%]

Paid in full members of Las Vegas Advisor. [4%]

Not with the two guys in the middle. [5%]

Post annoying shit on Facebook. [9%]

Blocking everybody else's view by using their iPad as a fucking camera. [30%]

All of the above. [52%]

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm so freaking tired of people that are so caught up with "capturing the moment" on an electronic device that they miss the actual experience. Do they really think watching a video later is going to create a memory in their brains the same way that using their eyes will? Technology drives me nuts sometimes...

Judging by what the one on the right is wearing, my only question is when did Via Bellagio open a June Cleaver/Donna Reed Outlet?

Can she fit that iPad in her fanny pack?

Interesting, they've added boards to the Beliagio founatin? Never realized they played hockey out there.

This must be the "before" picture from a Jenny Craig testimonial?

@weatherman211 - I think that's taken from the crosswalk between the B and Ballys... Er... The other B...

Ipads to capture the fountains, really? As if the camera on their phones is not good enough? I agree with mctrees02 above, is watching a shitty video later really better than taking in the scene live?

Is that a dude or a chick and where is his/her hand going in the other dudes pocket? Please people, iPads ARE NOT cameras. You look like morons walking around with them and taking pictures. We have this other old invention for that. It's called a camera!

One of the dudes is on his phone.

And the other dude is using his camera phone. So essentially no one enjoying the fountains as they should.

No one has mentioned the dork that took this photo

$100 says they're all foreigners too....

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