Does ARIA's Legionella Outbreak Change Your Plans?

By now, you've probably heard about the discovery of Legionella bacteria in the water supply at Aria. Knowing what you know now, does ARIA's legionella outbreak give you cause to change your travel plans?

Feel free to flesh out your thoughts in the comments thingy below.

I will NOT stay at ARIA. [41%]

I will stay at ARIA. [59%]

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Comments & Discussion:

Aria was on my radar for my next trip, but prior to this news, I had already opted to stay elsewhere. It definitely makes me leery of staying there ever.

I don't really stay in hotels, but I do visit and eat and, yes, drink the water at times. I will continue to do so.

This was one person every, what, four months? I have a much larger chance of getting hit by a car crossing the street from Bellagio to P-Ho.

Yeah we already have plans to stay there for our Christmas trip. So....yeah Imma stick with the new shiny hotel. Because the NEW NEW shiny hotel (Cosmo) is overpriced right now, plus their rooms look like they're fresh out of a cruise ship.

Still going...I have a room booked there next weekend. The news scared me at first because I had no idea what it was, but I'm not worried about it now.

okay, it's the flu (just a really fucking bad one) but you can catch worse at ReHab, or Surrender, or etc etc

I'm not a big fan of The City Center... to me it's not Vegas. I've actually been to Vegas twice, since it's opening and hearing about the guy getting kicked out for having a Bill's mini pitcher, makes me wanna stay far away. ARIA that's too bad for them... obviously this will make people think twice before staying there.

Wouldn't stay before, won't stay now.

I'm with vespajet & CWatts26. My brother's been getting ARIA offers and was curious but I didn't care to stay there and this cinches it. (True what Spyder says, but still...)

it's Legionella, as in Legionnaires' disease. Big news when it first happened back in the '70s. Nasty stuff.

@RockChick, love the cruise ship comparison!

While I won't go as far as to say this isn't news worthy, I really don't think this is as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be. It happens on cruise ships all the time and you seldom even hear about it. Still, great job by VT on breaking the story.

Sheeyite happens.

Enjoyed our last stay there and will stay there again

I have stayed at Aria three times since it opened. The offers I received were to good to pass up, but now I won't be back. Why risk it when there are so many other fine hotels to choose from. I was impressed with the Trop's redo, methinks I will give the old girl a whirl for the first time in twenty years.

Plan on staying there in September.....should be disease free by then??? lol

Stayed at Aria about a month after it opened. To me, it was only 'meh'. Recently, however, their offers/room rates have made the property more attractive. Cosmo's opening coupled with improved reviews on various travel sites have made me wonder if I should take another shot at it. A major event, like a freakin' legionella outbreak, erodes a large portion of the goodwill I've started to feel about the place. With so much competition in town, I'll find another place.

Actually the legionella issue is almost moot--my real problem with Aria is more mundane. Stayed there once when it first opened and will never do so again for just one reason: insufficient blackout curtains. It may sound ridiculous to some people, but I need total darkness to sleep (I even bring blue tape and post-its to cover up glowing hotel-room light switches). Aria lacks the usual soffit/valance buffer at the top of their curtains, so nasty daylight seeps in at the crack of butt every morning. For me, it's just as dire as legionella seeping into a spa.

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