Which Rumored Hard Rock Residency Would You Go See

The great Norm! tweeted today that....

Hearing the Hard Rock's new management has been busy recruiting Kiss, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar + Journey with Steve Perry.

Pick em... which of these would you most likely go see?

KISS [13%]

Van Halen [36%]

Sammy Hagar [10%]

Journey with Steve Perry [41%]

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Comments & Discussion:

E. All the above

The Perry led Journey is the one for me

Perry hasn't aged well. He's performing with The Eels right now on tour as a 'surprise guest' and his songs are hardly recognizable.

From what I've read, I just don't see Steve Perry with Journey anymore even if he agrees to it, from everything I've seen he has a bad habit of commiting and completely backing out. (and mostly due to the psych. issues Steve has).

I would like to see Van Halen, with a twist, maybe DLR and Sammy can staying at the hotel and Eddie can decide which one he he doesn't like more each night and the other one can go on.

Vsn Hagar. Ditch Diamond Dave.

oops....VAN Hagar. Not Vsn.

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