How The Steve Is Gonna Spend The Lawsuit Money?

The Steve has won a $20 million dollar defamation judgement against Joe Francis, mogul behind the "Girls Gone Wild" video series.

How is The Steve gonna spend all that money?

Pay lawyer and travel fees, cut a check to Quincy Jones and give the rest to a retinitis pigmentosa research charity. [9%]

Recapitalize and refinance Nick Hissom's 'music' career. [15%]

Endow 'The Steve Wynn Wing' at the 'Keith Olbermann Institute for The Study of Giant Heads' [3%]

Fully realize his dream of having a menage a trois with Rula Lenska and Meredith Baxter-Birney. [6%]

Give half to his ex-wife, half of the remaining half to his current wife and the rest to Mitt Romney, minus $12 for a small soy latte at Encore. [20%]

Fly in Guy Fiere. Not to talk about food, but hair. [5%]

Finally get an answer to the question: 'Is botulism vegan?' [1%]

Buy the dirt patch across the street from those dopes at El Ad. [18%]

Give Roger Thomas a raise. [3%]

Send a Check to Chuck [20%]

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Comments & Discussion:

Rula Lenska? Dude, whatever "little help" you are under the influence of to pull that one out of your rectal memory banks, we all want. Bring some to VIMFP.

That's outstanding.

Rula Lenska and Meredith Baxter-Birney? Chuck I'm officially worried about you!

I thought another possibility was free Girls Gone Wild videos for life.

Girls Gone Wild still exists? There are people who still pay for that?

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