Is Andrea's Hip?

The theory goes, if a person says that they are insane then they are not insane. A person who is insane is irrationally unable to perceive the difference between normal and abnormal behavior.

Does this theory apply to being hip? Can a person, place or thing define itself as hip, or does engaging in the proclamation of one's own hipness negate any hipness contained therein?

How does this apply to Andrea's 'Hip Asian Dining' at Encore? Is Andrea's hip because it said it was?

Big thanks to VT tipster DuLac55 for raising this question.

Yes, Andrea's Is Hip [39%]

No, Andrea's Is Not Hip [61%]

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Comments & Discussion:

It's loaded with the manufactured sort of hip that seems to be in ample supply up and down the boulevard.

If you mean actual, classical hip where something has mass appeal, then Andrea's has nothing on Park On Fremont, etc.

Welcome Wynn Night Life Group employees!

It's named after Steve Weirdo Wynn's girlfriend. That's why it's not hip.

it doesn't have an ironic mustache or a grizzly adams beard. can't be hip.

Like this is hip, maybe:

If not for the way she moves her hips, it would be a PF Chang's.

If you have to tell me you are hip then you are not

it was once hip to be square...... wasn't it?

Takes itself too seriously. Let US tell you if YOUR restaurant is hip. And the consensus, no you're not.

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