If M Resort Had A Shuttle To/From The Strip, Would You Visit More Often?

Yes - I'd definitely take the shuttle if they had one [42%]

No - still too far [13%]

No - I don't want to get stranded there when shuttle service ends [17%]

No - not interested in going to M Resort [6%]

Duh - M Resort has a shuttle ya doofus. [20%]

What's M Resort? [3%]

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Comments & Discussion:

Wait...Does M really have a shuttle from the strip?

yes, it picks up at fashion show mall 4 times per day, and sends a return shuttle back every couple hours, times are listed on M resorts website.

Frequency and free is the key. It must be at least every hour and 24/7.

^ exactly. just like the sun rising, any and all shuttles must be guaranteed all the time always no matter what.

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