Should You Tip Bottle Service Drone?

VT reader anawas tells us that Cosmopolitan's Marquee Day Club is offering bottle service delivery via drone helicopter for $20,000. Our question, should you tip a bottle service drone?

Yes [28%]

No [72%]

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Comments & Discussion:


Drone Operator should be an accredited pilot, not a server.

Shit's dangerous. Gonna need some credentials. Can't have your best bartenders and servers trying to figure out drone technology every few months.

Gonna need a nerd, and nerd's don't work for tips.

Only if I can call in an airstrike on neighboring tables. Drop some Jaegerbombs on their asses!

Yes. Drone's usually work for minimum wage and rely on tips to support their families. Do you have any idea how expensive drone pre-school is?

Yes, a $3,000 tip (15%) makes as much sense to me as a $20,000 bottle of champagne. That's the price you pay for interrupting the drone operator's main activity of peeking inside hotel room windows.

Stosh - Best comment of the week. Nerds do not work for tips, indeed.

Are the drones made of silicon, if so my male gender requires me to tip.

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