SLS Las Vegas: Will It Open?

We've had lots to say about SLS Las Vegas over the last few weeks... now it is time to run their prospects up THEpoll. With $350m in pocket, SBE needs to find another $115m to fully fund the construction phase of the project. The question we ask you is:

Will SLS Las Vegas (be funded, be constructed, be completed and) Open?

Yes, effortlessly in 2014 [17%]

Yes, but later than 2014 [40%]

No, they'll get financed but will run out of money [19%]

No, they won't get financed [24%]

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Comments & Discussion:

I think the original vision is a little ambitious. We will probably see a the project scaled down a little bit in order to get proper financing .

My guesses:

They get someone licensed to run a casino to run their casino for them.
They get the casino open.
They don't get the hotel open on time pending enough demand in the casino.

The end result is basically Binion's with nice restaurants and that "slutty luxury" vibe so prevalent on the Strip: a bunch of people gambling and the room elevators blocked off.

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