The Park vs The LINQ You Decide

MGM Resorts is on the verge of announcing "The Park" a dedicated outdoor chillout space with nearby beer garden, a burger hut, food trucks and urban pop art set beneath a tree canopy between New York New York and Monte Carlo. Compared to The LINQ, Caesars Entertainment's Ferris Wheel festooned cadre of shops in the alleyway between Flamingo and the former O'Sheas, which of these do you think you'd be more interested in visiting?

The Park [55%]

The LINQ [45%]

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Comments & Discussion:

One sounds like a more quaint experience, and the other sounds like a destination.

I voted for The Park, if only due to the proper use of 'chillout', but tough to argue Linq isn't great for the strip.

All the fucking money we blow in this town, its about time these misers spring for some goddamn benches.

+1 for benches. I voted for thePark, but I have no doubt that I will ride that giant ferris wheel while getting a buzz at least one time, because I haven't done that and it sounds fun. However, I will go to theArena at thePark multiples times for different events, and also I spend almost all of my time on that side of the Strip.

Build a bench and some homeless guy will find his way to it. Campin out with all his crap in a bunch of plastic bags. If it's officially "public" space don't know what you can do to stop it.

I voted for Linq, if only because I know it will actually open. MGM's made promises before that have crapped out, so I'm going to need to see some construction equipment before I buy into "The Park."

The potential of The Park intrigues me. And food trucks are cool. As are benches and actual trees. Trees!!

Some automatic sprinklers might solve the homeless-folks-on-benches issue, unless they use them as a free shower, which is what I'd do if/when I am homeless. But at least I'd smell better :)

I'd love to see a Metro police substation at both The Park and The Linq, even if it's just a shack, a holding cell and a couple of cops on Segways. Because you have to assume all those costumed characters in front of Bally's will end up somewhere when Bally's construction begins.

I like the idea of The Park but I wish it was going into some of the wasted space North Strip. I voted Linq because I really don't like South Strip and The Park isn't going to change that.

The Park, because it doesn't have a giant wheel and it does have a beer garden.
But in the end I'm sure I'll check both out.

The benches may be an issue, as many mentioned. The typical place I see homeless are the walls in front of ~Coke World and by the Forum Shops entrance. If you build them benches they will come (especially if those benches have some shade).

I voted for the park - while the food truck craze may have passed us by, the fact that it doesn't seem to be overly commercialized like The Linq area is what makes me more intrigued about this one.

I voted for the Linq for one reason and one reason only - O'Shea's. Now if that turns out to suck or they completely scrap it, I will be pissed.

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