THEpoll: The Poll of Polls

We couldn't decide which poll subject to post this week, so we're asking you to decide which one we should have posted... it's a poll of polls!

What do you think of the view of Giada's? [9%]

Do you want to eat out Giada's? [48%]

Did Giada's give you a souvenir hard hat? [5%]

Is proscuitto and melon on the menu at Giada's? [3%]

Which would you order at Giada's... the pork, veal, chicken or fish? [3%]

Which review of the Cosmopolitan app did you like better: Hunter's post on VegasTripping or EastCoastGamblur's rewrite of Hunter's VT post for Vegas Chatter? [32%]

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Comments & Discussion:

Anyone who doesn't want to eat out Giada (well, heterosexual men at least) are lying to their mouse clicker.

You may be tired of her, may think she is over exposed, may get tired of her character, but to not want those long legs wrapped around your neck... ohhhh.

i think eating out Giada is the hands down winner. Carla Pellgrino was kind of scary but Giana has an open face so to speak.

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