The Quad, Yea, Nay or Meh?

Caesars Entertainment is floating the name "The Quad" as a potential replacement for The Imperial Palace. What do you think of "The Quad" as a casino name?

Yea! I like it. [9%]

Nay! I don't like it. [71%]

Meh! I have no opinion. [20%]

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Comments & Discussion:

I'll change it to a Yea! if they name all of the drinking and eating establishments with words starting with Q.

It sounds like the name of a sports bar, not a casino-hotel. Then again, it beats the 3535 name that was trademarked by Caesars at the same time as "The Quad". They should have called it the Vegas Roadhouse or the Rockhouse.

QBert's Arcade
Quixotic's Bar and Windmill
Queef Buffet
The Quagmire Lobby Bar

@vespa - i'll bet they're testing that name against "The Quad" as well... same images, same text, but with a different chunk of people.

frat party themed! added benefit of using leftover togas from across the street!

That doesn't surprise me considering the various names being mentioned in similar surveys in regards to some new restaurant names at some of their properties.

I would've preferred The NEW Klondike Hotel & Casino.

I guess Pornslapper Central didn't makethe cut.

"The Quad" works if the complex were being moved onto a college campus and marketed towards frat boy who spend their spare time playing beer pong.

I don't see why they can't go with the Oshea's name. That would kick ass ! or maybe try to get naming rights to a old Hotel/Casino. Frontier, Boardwalk, dare I say it Stardust.

Stardust seconded...

If, by the Quad, you're trying to go for the fraternity crowd might as well just join forces with Axe and call it "The Axe" hotel and casino.

CWatts26- How about the old hotel name they already own? The Horseshoe. For them to pay what they did for the name and only use the WSOP is simply wasteful.

Other names tossed:

T.J. Hookers
Caesars Jewels

I've eaten at Queef Buffet. Gotta say, the name doesn't really do it justice.

I'll give it a 'meh' for now. If the logo is a 4-of-a-kind and they position it as a throwback gambler's joint, I'll change my vote to a resounding Yea!

Unfortunately, the renderings don't point in that direction. 'The Quad' with no other branding just makes it sound like a big void in the middle of the cool stuff.

They had better start naming everything in that building with Qs to go off the obvious LinQuad (much better written than pronounced) thing they're going for. Let's see:

Quaff Bar
Qi Spa
Chiq Lounge
Liq Ice Cream

What else could we have?

Quick Serve
Qoutient (toon high falutin?) bar
Q's Abode (Star trek, James Bond...take your pick)
The Quintenssential Casino
Q....the circus show for true weirdos

Wow that is a bad name for a hotel. And now way shoudl this ultra-corporate money sucker get the name "Stardust". At this poitn it's better to let that name rest till someone who truely gives more than two shits about their customers comes along.

Quality In a Go Go would work.

They should just bring back the Capri... save the Horseshoe for a Bally's rebranding.

about as bad as the D on Fremont.

They're missing the opportunity here. The hotel/casino and as many of the bars inside of it as possible should end, not begin, with the letter Q. Even some of the gambling

LinQ - the greatest attraction on, er, off the strip
PinQ - the poll dancing gaming pit
LucQ - center bar
BlackjacQ - where you too can get the best 6-5 odds in LV
BlacQ - on the roulette table
Sugar ShacQ - the obligatory candy factory
PorQ - the BBQ-Cowboy joint to compete with Gilley's
InQ - the tat parlor
O'SheaQ - ooops, that doesn't work, but might as well just force it if it's going to look like the crap in pictures 2 and 3 - garbage!

And finally, call the whole place ParQ. Why not broaden the idea of a college Quad to include their clientele that didn't go to college?

We're going streaking.... to The Quad!
Frank the Tank!

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