Where Should We Have The #VIMFP Drink Up?

We're about three weeks away from the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic and all of the final bits and pieces are starting to fall into place. One of those final pieces is asking you knuckleheads where you want to have a drink up on the Friday night before VIMFP. Last year we asked and y'all responded "Vesper" at Cosmopolitan.

So, where should we have the #VIMFP Friday night drink up?

View Bar - Aria [24%]

Bar Vdara - Vdara [35%]

CityBar - Aria [5%]

Mandarin Bar - Mandarin Oriental [24%]

Bar Moderno - Aria [11%]

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Comments & Discussion:

Did Murren hack the site and make this poll to make sure the drink up was at CityCenter?

LOL CityBar.

What time will people be around there to? I wont be getting into town until 1100pm or so.

I sense a serious City Center vibe lol

Is Mandrian Bar the place about half way up, with a view to the north? Because if it is, my vote is anywhere but that snotty, overpriced, view-blurred by the building wrap place.

I voted for Vdara, only because I consider it a less crowded spot to meet up at. No preference overall, although I do have a question on if it's at Mandarin, is there a no tennis shoes rule there?

Bar Vdara.

I've had some great experiences there. Friendly staff, not packed, and much easier for a large group to relax.

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