One of these people have agreed to be the Vegas Gang guest at VIMFP. Which one?

One of the following people has agreed to be the Vegas Gang's guest at VIMFP. Can you guess which one?

Andrew Pascal [1%]

Gary Loveman [4%]

Taylor Hicks [12%]

Marilyn Winn Spiegel [3%]

Sam Nazarian [7%]

Jim Murren [4%]

Bobby Baldwin [2%]

Roger Thomas [4%]

John Unwin [6%]

Alex Yemenidjian [2%]

Anthony Marnell [3%]

Howard Stutz [0%]

Steve Wynn [6%]

Derek Stevens [18%]

Thomas McCartney [2%]

Ted Newkirk [4%]

Steve Friess [12%]

Todd-Avery Lenahan [0%]

Bill McBeath [1%]

Phil Ruffin [2%]

Elaine Wynn [5%]

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Please ask your site visitors to stop writing in my name. It's not that kind of poll.

Sam Nazarian is asking why you guys didn't consider Sahara as one of the spots to have a meet.

Madonna will be in town...

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