Who Will Be The Vegas Gang's Guest At VIMFP This Year?

On the Episode #94 of the Vegas Gang we teased that we had secured a guest for the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic. We may have jumped the gun. Or we were lying. Or both.

Anyhoo... now it is time for YOU - our incredibly handsome and CAFFEINATED listeners - to vote for the person who you THINK will be the Vegas Gang's guest at The 2013 Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic!

Previous Vegas Gang live show guests included:

VPP 1 (Palms - 2008): George Maloof
VPP2 (Palms - 2009) Gordon Absher
VPP3 (Flamingo - 2010) Thom McCartney
VIMFP (Planet Hollywood - 2011) No guest - :(
VIMFP (Ballys - 2012) Derek Stevens.
VIMFP (The D - 2013) ???????????

Alex Acuna [10%]

Bill S. Boyd [1%]

Bill R. Boyd [0%]

Bill McBeath [3%]

Bobby Baldwin [1%]

Bob Boughner [1%]

Col. Capital [1%]

Dan D'Arrigo [0%]

Fannie Flagg [4%]

Felix Frankfurter [2%]

Frank Fahrenkopf [1%]

Gary Gloveman [3%]

Jan Jones [5%]

Kirk Kerkorian [6%]

Matt Maddox [0%]

Mr. Jim Murren [5%]

Michael Mina [2%]

Mighty Thom McCartney [0%]

Sam Saharazarian [20%]

Scott Sibella [3%]

Seth Schorr [19%]

Sheldon Sands [4%]

Tassels R. Thomas [8%]

U. J. Unwin [0%]

Weinberg Wynn [2%]

William Weidner [0%]

Wynn Wu [3%]

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Comments & Discussion:

I guess Abe Froman didn't make the cut this year....

Ummm...I don't see a place to write in Bob Stupak's skeleton...

Jan Jones is January Jones, right? She gets my vote.

Bob Saccomanno?

What about a write in for Bob Dancer?

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