What Is The VT Secret Gang Hand Sign

All gangs worth their salt need a hand sign. Help us decide what ours should be. If you have an idea, leave it in the comments and we'll add it to the poll options.

Right hand flashes the peace sign (V), left hand grabs the groin [36%]

Horizontally: Left hand makes devil horns, Right Hand Sticks the Middle Finger Between The Horns, add motion for maximum gusto [22%]

Left Hand, two fingers down, index finger kickin' like Vickie [18%]

Right and Left Hand Middle Fingers Extended Up Nostrils, Wiggle Eyebrows [24%]

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Comments & Discussion:

I really like Option 2. However, I have to be realistic and imagine that maneuver might be too complicated for many of us to perform at the moments we most need it (for various mostly-alcohol-related reasons). Therefore, I stick with the original proposal of the peace sign and nut jiggle.

I enjoy any poll that results in a comment of "nut jiggle".

Like Letterman once said "We took a poll. And we all know how painful that can be."

Let's just make sure whatever it is, it doesn't get confused with a real gang sign...I don't want to be shot on vacation.

I plan to do #1 to everyone on my next trip...To the guy who takes my bag...peace and a nut jiggle, to the lady at check in, and the cleaning lady out in the hallway, even to the dealer who gives me aces, splits em' and paints both of em'. I'll do it to the card slappers, the hookers, the strip club marketing managers on the strip, the homeless batmans and Buzz lightyears. I'll do it to my cab driver, bus driver, and even a nice couple as I walk past their fancy dinner. I'll do it to the pit boss, the cage worker, the slot attendant, and most of all my VT people I see. (and the hot girl over at palms too) I may skip the peace sign and just go straight to the nut jiggle w/ her

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