What Hotels Do You Want Reviewed?

I'm booking hotel rooms for upcoming trips to Vegas and thought I'd ask what joints y'all were interested in being reviewed. The short list of candidates is listed below. If you feel strongly about a property not on the list, make the case in the comments.

Aria [16%]

Downtown Grand [2%]

Four Seasons [1%]

Mandalay Bay [15%]

Casino Royale [3%]

Westgate [3%]

MGM Grand [2%]

Tuscany [1%]

Wild Wild West / Days Inn [2%]

Treasure Island [7%]

Venetian [3%]

Excalibur [5%]

Ellis Island / Super 8 [3%]

Mandarin Oriental [7%]

Encore [5%]

New York New York [13%]

Golden Nugget [6%]

Hooters [3%]

Orleans [3%]

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Comments & Discussion:

Well let's just say if you simultaneously posted reviews of all of them, the first one I'd click on would be Mandarin. Followed by Ellis Island (morbid curiosity).

Sam's Town..... ;)

In order: Ellis Island, NYNY, TI, Orleans
I'd love to see VT dig into all of them for various reasons. Ellis Island, because like many, I love that trashy little casino, but am really curious as to just how weird things get in the Super 8. NYNY and TI seem to be neglected by everyone who's pumping out trip reports and reviews...possibly for good reason. Orleans seems to have a fierce group of loyalists, so I'd love to get some opinions from someone who hasn't drank the proverbial Kool-Aid.

TI... Mainly because I don't see many reviews on the property and that place seems to fit into my price range more so than an Aria, Mandarin, or Encore would.

Since I didn't see Harrah's, I went with Ellis Island over Hooters. I'm a sadist and I'm not afraid to admit it.

But actually, Vdara could be an interesting review. And I don't want other people (except those reading my comment) to know about Casino Royale, which is one of the last places without resort fees on the Strip.

Start your stay off with a night or two at Ellis Island's Super 8 or Hooters and then up with Mandarin Oriental. Heaven and hell.

I've always been curious about the Hampton Inn off of 95 and Cheyenne but I would totally settle for a review of the MGM.

I say we send Chuck to some seedy $10/night hooker/druggy motel in the sketchy part of town. And bring Roger Thomas along to critique the decor while we're at it.

I'd like to see your take on Ellis Island and Casino Royale.

It's been nice seeing the lux joints where I'll likely never stay, and I know what to expect at the mid-range joints where I do stay, so now I'd like to see something on the low-market joints that may not be quite as bad as people think.

I went with Mandalay Bay.

They have newly remodeled rooms that I'd like to see more of in depth! The reaction online was generally good, but in person can be a whole other thing.

Again, I think Mandalay is an underrated property.

I would like to see the Golden Nugget. I would be curious how the rooms have held up over the years and if anything has been done with them in a while. This was "The Steve's" first go at it.

I would actually be curious on the Casino Royale/Days Inn - I always wondered what it would be like to stay there...good location! Total dive.

Of the ones not listed, I would be excited to see the situation at the Westin. The Westin sounds lame but as a loyal Starwood Gold member (ex-Las Vegas, of course) I would be interested to see how it compares to other Westins and other LV hotels/casinos. I would like to see a review that includes the casino. I have never stepped foot in there.

You guys are a bunch of fucking sadists. Heart Emoji.

^^ Ah, you were hoping we'd all vote Mandarin Oriental or Four Seasons. Now I get it. "Honey, I know it's expensive but I have to go there. My readers insist." Good try! :)

As good as the luxury reviews go, I'd selfishly vote for anything TI and below. They tend to be the most interesting and most real reviews you can get anywhere. And they make full use of Chuck's knack for the funny.

Agree w/ Hank & others. Many compelling choices but I went with TI because it's time for the full on, in-depth VT treatment to dig beneath the near-universal "WTF is Ruffin doing to the place??"

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