What is this?

Gordon Ramsay's Sous Chef Ejector Chute [1%]

Deferred Maintenance [13%]

The cover of an unreleased 1981 concept album by YES [5%]

Murrening, post liftoff [3%]

Leaky Ceiling At Caesars Palace [56%]

I love kites [1%]

Where Sheldon Hides The Evidence [7%]

The subject of Dr. Dave's next article in Vegas Seven [1%]

The vents where they pump all the oxygen into the casino [5%]

Measure Once Cut Twice [6%]

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Comments & Discussion:

Windows new Logo/screensaver?

@twofours...I thought the same thing! A kind of aggressive, avante garde version of Windows!

This is hilarious! I was there yesterday with the GF and she asked me if the fake sky was falling. There's an even bigger hole above the Total Rewards desk.

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