Which Restaurant At Cosmopolitan Will Close First?

Which of the current crop of Cosmopolitan dining options do you think will close first?

Blue Ribbon Sushi [13%]

China Poblano [8%]

Comme Ca [11%]

D.O.C.G. [11%]

Estiatorio Milos [15%]

Holsteins [3%]

Jaleo [2%]

Scarpetta [4%]

Secret Pizza [8%]

STK [5%]

The Henry [10%]

Va Bene Caffe [6%]

Wicked Spoon [6%]

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Comments & Discussion:

I go with Secret Pizza since if it does no one will notice except the people who have found it. People seem to be picking the Henry but I doubt that it will close.

No way Secret Pizza closes. Place does a great business. Granted the pizza is overhyped. And by the way, why don't they advertise the place more?

Should be China Poblano, that place is crap.

Estiartoio Milos?! Yeah right all I hear of that place is rave reviews. Aren't all the restaurants kicking ass?

China Poblano is crap? Then you've had the one bad experience there out of anyone I know. Or you tried the duck tongue tacos alone.

Hard to bet on any but I'd say Milos or Blue Ribbon based on foot traffic I see.

I think Va Bene Caffe will eventually turn into a Starbucks. 'Cause apparently Starbucks are hard to come by on the Strip.

I LOVE China Poblano. Such an awesome unique concept, a great change from the bland restaurants vegas is being flooded with. I think its Secret Pizza. Its tough to find, not promoted, and rarely busy when I've been. No one would notice it closing really, and it could be replaced with something else private-esque which they could actually promote and advertise.

The $20 lunch special at Milos is the best meal for the money in all of Vegas!

Jaleo was me but it seems to be successful, secret pizza is extremely overhyped but that usually sells, I pick Blue Ribbon as it is very highly priced for quality, even hight priced then Nobu. You can get equally good sushi at a better price at Social House or Shibuya

Just because a place has rave reviews doesn't mean its' a successful restaurant. Concur with Blue Ribbon, as there are better places at better prices. It's also not a good sign when a Google Search for "Blue Ribbon Sushi" has the Vegas outpost as the 7th result (The first 3 are from the parent site, the next 3 are review sites and the Vegas outpost result if from the Cosmo website.). Meanwhile you do a Google Search for "Estiatorio Milos" and the link to the restaurant on the Cosmo website is the first result (the second result is the Estiatorio Milos site).

We loved China Poblano - and my wife is a professinal food writer. Place was packed each night we walked past it too, so doubt its not bringing in money.

You all are only considering reviews and/or foot traffic. The restaurants have limited leases...Perhaps one of those partners will get tired of paying rent, especially when it goes up.

Secret Pizza makes ridiculous money. Seriously, you have no idea how cost effective that place is.

Henry, Wicked Spoon, and Va Bene are all owned by Cosmopolitan and serve a very specific role (24 hours, buffet, cafe). STK isn't going anywhere, neither are Milos & Blue Ribbon.

Comme Ca is having trouble finding an audience...but I think they will stay.

D.O.C.G is the odd man out...Scott Conant doesn't need two joints right next door to each other and it's just too similar to Scarpetta.

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