Which Will We See First?

Vegas Gangster Dr. Dave asked on Two Way Hard Three Which Will We See First? on the Las Vegas Strip. Buy the ticket, read the piece, take the poll.

A casino eliminates its nightclub/dayclub [12%]

A casino goes entirely non-smoking [17%]

A casino institutes--and enforces--a dress code after 6 PM [3%]

Metal detectors and limited entry to casinos [4%]

Another casino closes on the Strip [53%]

A new casino opens on the Strip [3%]

An end to resort fees and other add-ons [5%]

The end of 6:5 blackjack [3%]

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Comments & Discussion:

It saddens me to see that the second place option here is a casino going smokeless. This means one of two things: Either 1) People are hoping to con't taking away the rights of smokers who are engaging in a legal product, in a location where smoking it expected or 2) They are becoming brain-washed into believing that going smokeless is an acceptable form of discrimination.

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