Which Would You Buy - The Cosmopolitan or a Popeye sculpture?

Two well-heeled investors made two ginormous purchases this week, both of them hoping that time and market conditions would make their incredibly shiny investments turn green.

Private equity investment firm Blackstone spent $1.76 billion dollars to buy the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from Deutsche Bank. Meanwhile, up the street, Steve Wynn plunked down $28 million dollars to purchase a sculpture of Popeye by artist Jeff Koons at Sotheby's auction house.

Assuming you're the one with the cash looking to make the bigger investment score... which one would you buy The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas or Popeye?

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas [67%]

Popeye [33%]

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Comments & Discussion:

Rose.Rabbit.Lie > Art of Popeye

I think an addiction to methamphetamine would be a better investment than either.

Maybe for now-vegan-Steve it symbolizes the strength of the all-spinach diet.

I think Freud would have a field day with Wynn's Popeye purchase, his marriage to the much younger Andrea and his recent verbal altercation with Clooney...

How much would Koon's companion sculpture of Shelley Duvall go for?

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