THEpoll: Who Loses - Cosmo, Cromwell or SLS?

We've learned a lot this week about Cosmopolitan's future, the current Cromwell and forthcoming SLS Las Vegas.

In the head to head to head battle for the heart hand symbol and mind covering facial hair of the curious class, who do you think will come out the loser?

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas [14%]

The Cromwell [24%]

SLS Las Vegas [61%]

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Comments & Discussion:

I have to go with SLS and it's mainly based on location. North Strip is a depressing wasteland and it will be difficult to get folks to head up that way. The Cromwell is right at the heart of the Strip and Cosmo is not too far from it either. The curious class have a lot of nice spots to hit within a short walk from The Cromwell and Cosmo whereas SLS has the Riv, Circus Circus and Stratosphere. SLS will be out there on their own for the next few years (Hopefully Rock In Rio being held across the street next May will help them.) until Resorts World opens up and perhaps something is finally done on the Fontainebleau site.

I think Cromwell with Drai's is now a force to be reckoned with. Marquee is still going strong. Fox-whatever and LiFE have tough competition.

It's going to be hard for the SLS to have a Tropicana-like turnaround with virtually nothing around it.

There's also the matter of being near a place people actually want to be. Eg: Bellagio.

Cosmo has a packed concert schedule, Bellagio right next door, and one and a half clubs (RRL).
Cromwell has Drai's, Caesars and Bellagio nearby, and Linq/Brooklyn Bowl.

LOL.. I mean, SLS is going to have to make their own reasons to go there, they can't rely on, a nearby mall or a hot club next door or Bellagio to help carry the weight. They'll just have to hope that rock festival isn't another cloud of Vegas bullshit.

Cosmo isnt going anywhere. Its $5 billion of excess and its just so darn sexy looking. Marquee isnt as good as it used to be, but its still draws some crowds.

SLS is in trouble even before it opens. Bad location. Go there maybe once to check it out but i see no reason to go there again.

Cromwell...anyone remember Bagatelle Beach? Drai is out of touch with the how clubs work now. Theyll get the low-rollers that go to the high-roller (see what i did there?), but thats about it.

Can someone please remind me of who the target audience is for SLS and why they would be woo'd into staying there vs elsewhere?

I agree w above posts on location aspect alone

Yikes. I'm in the distinct minority. SLS will get a huge following from LA and possibly from South Beach. For people who drive to/in Vegas, SLS is in a good location near Sahara and I-15. Also convenient to Paradise. Easier to drive there than battling traffic in center Strip. And, wait for MGM to rebrand Circus Circus' Skyrise Tower to complement City of Rock. Imo, Fontainebleau will be demolished within a year, and Resorts World will open in two years. You can either laugh at me or buy me a drink at VIMFP in 2015, one year after SLS opens.

I just can't see people wandering down to SLS since there is nothing there to make people want to go that far down the Strip.

North Strip will improve once Resorts World opens, but over the next 18-24 months, you have to go with the Center Strip.

actually think Cromwell will do well. Drais is against recent club mentality, but the vista/location is killer...they will do fine and probably be a pillar in the success of the relaunch. telling, but I have my doubts. way too far from center action IMO. as some are saying, if they can hang on till RW hits they may be able to make something out of it, but see it being a tough pitch in the interim.

I don't think it's even close. Cromwell is going to do great business with Drai at the helm and my guess is Cosmo maintains their Marquee earnings, after all, nightclub life tends to be broken up in a couple days anyway and Marquee having (I believe) Mondays as one of their strong nights is going to be tough to beat out and most properties are unlikely to even bother for a night like that.

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