Why are these women dancing?

Why are these women dancing?

Margaritaville has a new casino [3%]

O'Sheas Is Closed [1%]

They Just Found Out That Bill's Offers Beer Pong [6%]

Linq Construction Is Moving Forward [3%]

They're drunk [21%]

Electric Daisy Carnival [7%]

Scissor Me Xerxes [6%]

They Passed The Wrigley Doublemint Commercial Audition [1%]

Flamingo Cashes Social Security Checks [19%]

They aren't two women, they're one Jay Fenster on speed! [4%]

There's A New Five Hundy Podcast Out [9%]

Dr. Dave Takes His Shirt Off During His Next C-Span Lecture [9%]

VegasMate is Coming to Android! [6%]

They've Booked Their Rooms For VIMFP! [5%]

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I had to pick "VegasMate is Coming to Android". I know I would dance if I could be that lucky!

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