Why Is This Sign On Mandalay Bay?

Mandalay Bay Wrapped

Any ideas?

To raise awareness of the new Cirque Du Soleil show [21%]

To neutralize the lousy green glow inside of the Four Seasons' renovated rooms [10%]

To entice perverts at South Point to come visit [14%]

To satisfy a contractual obligation with the Jackson Family's lawyers [11%]

To cut down on glare [3%]

To redefine resort wraps [7%]

To reduce window cleaning costs by 6%, amortized over five years [28%]

Other ______ [5%]

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Comments & Discussion:

I heard this is a test run to see if a wrap can stop the Vdara Death Ray.

It's definitely for the perverts, definitelY!

I'm sure the Four Seasons and Penthouse Level guests at Mandalay Bay will love this.

wtf mandalay bay. come on now.

anyone want to mock up what Bellagio will look like with its 'O' wrap?

I hate the Mirage-ification of Vegas.

Did part of it fall off?

I was staying at Mandalay last week (puke so many kids, thank God for Moorea) when the started the wrap. They clearly mess it up initially as bottom halfs of the MJ signature and the O in One were not lined up right. I am sure someone looked up and said WTF?

Mandalay Bay finally succumbs to 3 stars.

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