Will You Book The Cromwell?

This week, we posted tons of groovy stuff about The Cromwell. The question is.... are you ready to pull the trigger and book a stay there?

Yes, definitely. [18%]

Yes, but I'll wait to hear what others say. [20%]

Yes, but I'll wait till they work the kinks out. [21%]

No. [41%]

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Comments & Discussion:

I want to, but it seems like I could get a better deal elsewhere.

absolutely fucking not. I stayed in the same room, with different furniture 5 1/2 years ago for $55 a night on a weekend. No way in hell I'd pay 6X the price for the same square footage just to say "I stayed there" I really think it time for the readers of this site to come clean and stop sucking the cocks of certain properties and give honest opinions of places. We all know the D rooms are no better than a hooters room with new sheets, yet we praise them like they're a godsend. Don't get me wrong, i'm a stevens fanboy, but give credit where credit is due.

disclaimer: I'm fucking hammered, no offense to anyone, but seriously, the trippies are rigged to whom hosts.

disclaimer 2, I'm ok with the hatemail I might get, but I know I can argue my point sober too.

I'm assuming the room rates will quickly fall in the same manner as the Nobu rooms. I'll definitely check it out if I can get a rate of $150/nt. Same goes for SLS.

No interest whatsoever in staying there, but I will definitely check out the casino and public areas once it opens. Same goes with SLS.

Go home Chris you're drunk!

chris - that explains the piles of trippies awards held by ballys, planet hollywood, flamingo and the plams.

IMHO, the only "good" things about the Cromwell is the location. You are in the middle of the strip and it's an easy (if you're a walker and not using one) walk to either end of the Strip. In the summertime? Hell no!! Otherwise, go down the street and stay at Casino Royale!

I enjoyed my brief gambling there last week. Super nice bar staff and if the common areas are any indication I'd be open to staying there if the rooms rates come down a little bit.

I wasn't planning on it but I heard interesting things while at VT10. I am now intrigued. If rates come down a bit -- and I've got a couple days on a trip schedule to try staying somewhere new -- I'll give it a try.

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