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Official Atlantic City VT Meetup

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 6th June 2012 1:55 pm
Last response by NJchipper 21st June 7:04am

After threatening to return to Atlantic City for the last pile of years, me and Miss Monkay have finally pulled the trigger on a quick jaunt through town as part of a larger east coast homecoming parade.

I'm curious if any of our east coast VT friends would be interested in joining us for a beer or three on the evening of Wed June 27th OR Thu June 28th... time and location TBD... (probably Revel.)

I'll bring a cardboard cutout of Dr. Dave.

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 MeltYrselfDown responded on Wednesday, 6th June 2012

i'm into the idea.
a wednesday night isn't super easy for me, though. how about friday? haha.

 Chuckmonster replied on Wednesday, 6th June 2012

thursday is possible too.

friday we have to go to upstate ny for a wedding... wed/thu are our days in AC.

 andybflo responded on Wednesday, 6th June 2012


If you'll be anywhere near the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area in NY, let me know... Dinner is on me.

You've saved me more than a good meal in frustration, and provided me far more in information when I hit LV two or three times a year.

Enjoy your trip, and thanks for keeping Vegas Tripping lit!


 Chuckmonster replied on Wednesday, 6th June 2012

thanks. i'll be up there, but not that far.

come to vimfp!

 middleclassbuzz responded on Wednesday, 6th June 2012

I'll be there Thursday.

 Antman73 responded on Wednesday, 6th June 2012

Oh Man, I wish I lived close to Atlantic City. Wait a minute.....
Let me find a baby sitter for the Wednesday.

 Drake responded on Friday, 8th June 2012

Wish I could join! Me and the missus are flying out to LV on 7/1, so I don't think we can squeeze in an AC visit too.

 NJchipper responded on Thursday, 21st June 2012

Could be at Revel on June 27. Where and when?