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Sports Betting in AC

Last edit: Halton on Thursday, 5th July 2012 11:39 am
Last response by Halton 5th July 1:37pm

Sports betting may indeed finally be coming to Atlantic City. Currently, sports betting is only allowed in Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana but New Jersey is going to go ahead and do it anyways and wait for the lawsuits to happen. Personally, I'm waiting for betting on the Olympics to return...or at least the World Series of Little League.

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 nullzero00 responded on Thursday, 5th July 2012

i couldn't imagine ever watching either the olympics or the LLWS, let alone betting on it.
Half the olympic events are decided by judges, not the actual talent. i couldn't in any right mind risk money on something where it is up to the judge from [insert country here] to make the right call.

 Halton replied on Thursday, 5th July 2012

Yeah, that would be horrible.