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the new yorker magazine atlantic city slideshow extravaganza!

Last edit: MeltYrselfDown on Thursday, 23rd August 2012 1:04 pm
Last response by MeltYrselfDown 24th August 9:09am

actually, it's pretty bleak.


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 Chuckmonster responded on Thursday, 23rd August 2012

bleak with a purpose.

i got better atlantic city photos in two days, at least for the casino junkie.

how was your stay at the chelsea?

 ElevenEleven replied on Thursday, 23rd August 2012

I just booked a quick October overnight stay in the new(ish) waterfront tower at Harrah's AC. Haven't been up there in years but the recent reports and pics here planted the seed. So who the hell am I to deny myself?

Anyway it's a good way to break up a Virginia-NYC road trip and hopefully I can sweeten the CET offers for my annual March trip to Las Vegas. I'm really looking forward to it all. The bleak parts, too.

 MeltYrselfDown replied on Friday, 24th August 2012

didn't get much time to gamble...this was more of a hang-out-with-the-wife-on-the-beach overnight trip. but here's some thoughts--

the +/-
+Amada at revel: i mean, holyshit. the tasting menu with wine pairings. i can't even describe what an incredible dining experience this was for the wife and i. 2+ hours of straight up luxe gluttony.

+getting up early and renting bikes on the boardwalk: the boardwalk only allows bikes from 6-10am, and there's a group of kids renting nice old cruisers right next to the north end of the trop on the boardwalk. seeing the dregs of the town scamper back to sleep off the night, plus seeing the beach with the early morning sun was something i'll not soon forget. it was nice seeing it from the a-side for once. i fully recommend it to anyone in AC overnight.

+revel casino: our reservation at amada was for 8pm, we got there at 755 and were told there'd be a 30 minute wait. so i went to try and get a player card. no dice; the line was like a mile of blue-hairs straight off the church bus. so i sat down at a blackjack table and asked for a card while i played. in 25 mins i turned $20 into ~$200 at a $15 min table and got a scotch rocks in the process. can't complain there.

+teplitzkys at the chelsea: the food is pretty good, with breakfast being the stand-out. but the atmosphere is phenomenal. it's barely renovated (just cleaned up) from its former mid-century modern glory. truly spectacular.

+the bed at the chelsea: a close second to the best hotel bed i've ever slept in (pre-reno standard king rooms at MGM).

-chelsea, in general: check in and out was a joke. a line 10 deep and only 2 clerks. i mean, there's only 2 spots to begin's not even like they can get another desk open. silly.

-chelsea room: looks great until you put on the reading glasses. there's black mold in the bathrooms, the furniture is chipped and ratty, the air conditioning is loud and doesn't work too well, there's stains on the carpet, and the walls have nicks, dents, and tears in the wallpaper.

-chelsea beach gear: part of the fun of AC is that you have the atlantic ocean right there front and center. the chelsea harnesses the beach by providing guests with complimentary umbrella, loungers, and towels. only, the towels are small, rough, and pilled. and the loungers are absolutely filthy with missing slats. i would be willing to wager they've never been cleaned properly. i doubt they've ever even been hosed down.

-gambling in AC, generally: so, i like gambling; it's fun to me. i like the casino vibe and the cheering when you win and the "oooooh" when you bust or 7 out. vegas is great for's a vacation town. people go to vegas to forget their real life and pretend to be someone they're not for a week or so. AC is totally different. i felt like people at the tables, even the slots, were there to try and beat the casino...try and make a living, not try and have fun. nobody got excited. nobody looked relaxed. not even the dealers. and they will only deal my double-down face-up, which sucks. from now on, AC is for fleecing the fish in the trump taj poker room only, i've decided.

-lack of atmosphere: speaking to the same point about gambling in general, AC in general lacks the seedy but fun atmosphere you get in, say, fremont street. it's all the grit and none of the show. huge bummer, man.

so that's a quick recap and my general feelings. i have some pics of the room, the view, and some action shots. let me know if you want to see em.

can't wait for #vimfp. i need to wash this salty taste out of my mouth already.