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Even More AC Fun...

Last edit: andybflo on Tuesday, 22nd July 2014 9:34 am
Last response by anawas 22nd July 12:45pm

So, in one quick swoop... All of Caesars Entertainment's 2014 profit from NJ gaming is gone. (I'm being sarcastic, but not too far off.)

At least these guys were smarter than the Bellagio thief; easier to hide and convert cash than $5K chips that need to be redeemed for money.

Doesn't do much for AC's reputation as crime-ridden, though.

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 anawas responded on Tuesday, 22nd July 2014

Caesars' main cage is not near any street-level access, if I recall correctly. So this might be something more than a simple snatch-and-grab.

Anyway, I hope the stolen funds are distributed to the maids and dealers and waiters at Showboat. That would be a great Robin Hood move.