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Red Signs on the Casinos?

Last edit: joekollar on Friday, 22nd August 2014 12:29 pm
Last response by blakjak21 25th August 10:44am

I just got back from AC and everytime I go I wonder about this. Why do all of the casinos on the boardwalk have their names in red on the towers? You would think sonebody would want another color to stand out. Is this some kind of city ordinance?

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 anawas responded on Saturday, 23rd August 2014

Hmm. Never noticed that. But, aside from Revel, which has no sign, I think you're right. Three possibilities:

--The red signs act as aviation guides in lieu of / to supplement the red lights atop very tall buildings.
--Somebody in the 1980s learned about Asian cultures and picked red instead of gold. Everyone else followed.
--Red was the only/cheapest/best color in the '80s and casinos are too poor to update the signs. (Or: tradition!)

I do know the Marina-area casinos (especially Harrah's, but also Borgata and Golden Nugget) project lights onto their casino towers, and Bally's had/has embedded light bulbs in its tall, square tower.

Anyway, I'll be in Atlantic City in a couple weeks to bid the city farewell; I'll try to remember to look around.

 mstokes responded on Saturday, 23rd August 2014

I've wondered this as well. I think it has something to do with being able to see the signs the easiest at night time. I believe Borgata, Golden Nugget, and Revel are the only ones without red signs.

 blakjak21 responded on Monday, 25th August 2014

Revel is without ANY sign. So to be without employees too.