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Could the Taj be next?

Last edit: antcomp on Saturday, 6th September 2014 9:39 pm
Last response by anawas 8th September 11:51am

I'm just curious what everybody thinks about the news about the Taj possibly being the next house on the boardwalk to close up? I was in AC a few weeks ago for the first time, and none of the boardwalk casinos really seemed as bad off as the newspaper made it sound, even on a Monday morning the Taj was packed. If its really that badly off, is it due to mismanagement, or something else? I know that when it opened it was the top grossing casino in the world for a while.

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 blakjak21 responded on Saturday, 6th September 2014

It will be next. In the news last night, looking like a mid-November closure!. That makes (3) properties on the north end of the boardwalk, Revel, showboat and Taj.

 vespajet responded on Saturday, 6th September 2014

I have a feeling that the reported bankruptcy is for Trump Entertainment Resorts and not the Taj (The Trump Plaza closes on 9/16, leaving the Taj as the company's remaining property.) and it will be a Chapter 7 filing, liquidating the company. The company throughout its' history has filed for bankruptcy three times (1991, 2004, 2009) and considering the state of the A.C. market, there aren't many investors looking to invest there except on the cheap. When it's all said and done, look to see Carl Icahn holding the trump card.... He's the senior lender on the mortgage on the Trump Plaza and blocked the deal they had to sell it to the Meruelo Group (Who own the Grand Sierra in Reno) for $20 million.

 antcomp responded on Saturday, 6th September 2014

I feel like the Taj can't be hemorrhaging money as fast as Revel was or even like the Plaza. Somebody could run it successfully. If the Taj falls, I that raises questions about Resorts. I know Mohegan has put them back in the black finally, but could they survive like Tropicana does being out on their own? The Marina seems to still be doing good, but if the Boradwalk goes completely under, I feel like that would still hurt the Marina. On the other hand, I stayed at Showboat at the beginning of August and everywhere other than Revel was packed, especially Showboat. I couldn't see how they could be closing, so what do I know in the end?

 andybflo responded on Monday, 8th September 2014


The Taj. My family owned a small place in Lavallette, and once a year I'd spend a week there with my grandparents. I remember the place as a ditch, a shell in various states of construction, and at the tender age of 14, with some discussion about what color carpets I could touch and not touch as a minor... The Taj became the first casino I ever walked through with my grandfather. The place floored me. Sights. Sounds. Smells. AC was still happening in '90. In a big, don't leave the Boardwalk or you'll get killed, dirty, nasty way.

To fathom that what was once the largest gaming floor in the world is running out of cash, quickly, blows my mind on how far things slid. Trump Entertainment has never been particularly good at running a casino, but this is huge. Really.

I'd venture it's the massive overhead of the structure (The Taj is really quite a sizable property), the workforce needed to run it, and two decades of not improving it.

So, it's both the slide, and mismanagement since the property opened. It'd be unfair to the current management to not cast some of the blame backwards. AC operated like it was a never ending frat party. Nasty frat house and all.

 anawas responded on Monday, 8th September 2014

This article says Trump Taj could close in mid-November along with other stuff similar to vespajet's comments.