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Great Revel / AC article

Last edit: jimmybond on Friday, 31st October 2014 5:56 pm
Last response by vespajet 19th November 5:17pm

Great article from the Globe and Mail in Canada about AC and Revel in particular (with Brookfield buying it).

A couple highlights for me: Brookfield's mailing list/database of gamblers from Atlantis in Bahamas could be employed to issue offers and expand the clientele.

And, this poignant quote. True of AC, Vegas, Macau, everywhere.

“When they opened, their basic plan was that it was going to be a resort that just happened to have a casino,” says former casino greeter Mr. Mayer. “They were going for a real high-end clientele and they thought they didn’t need gamblers. And it turned out you need somebody to lose money to pay the bills.”

also, the opening photo showing the aerial view is eyepopping - I had no idea Revel as a property was so large, look at it compared to it's neighbours!

article here:

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 Chuckmonster responded on Monday, 3rd November 2014

Neat article.

Morgan Stanley was right to walk away way back when they did... and even smarter to have pulled the plug on building the second tower. As a guy whose first gambling experiences were in Atlantic City casinos, I'm crushed to see what is happening to all these once fabulous palaces.

Revel is a stunning property opened at a bitter end of a dying market. Only a stellar marketer with massive rolodex and huge ideas could turn around Revel, but unless the market as a whole contracts and those left standing band together to offer an experience that is more compelling than local PA slot parlors or NYC area racinos Atlantic City will continue to sink to the sea.

What AC has that no casino market in the universe has is the Atlantic Ocean, its sandy beaches and stunning sunrise. I'd start there and build out... expand the beach bars, host all-night parties and concerts that end at dawn, change the laws to promote alcohol sales on the boardwalk, bolster security and open the resort walls to restaurant/bar frontage, live bands every coupla blocks a la Fremont Street, but still designate some blocks as family friendly.

 LeoNYC replied on Monday, 3rd November 2014

Adding to that, a better airport and trains to and from Boston/NYC/Philly/DC.

 anawas replied on Monday, 3rd November 2014

Love the ocean. You can't get that in Vegas, or at most other US gaming destinations. It still blows my mind that AC properties don't offer surf lessons, fishing charters, helicopter tours, sealife safaris, bikini/hardbody contests, high-speed ferry service to NYC ports, and other aquatic adventures.

I also like the idea of all-night beachfront parties. The Atlantic Club (formerly the AC Hilton and other names) and Trump Plaza both had (still have?) great beach bars that could be given new life without annoying existing hotel guests.

But what annoys me are the room rates. $30-60 midweek. $300-450 on weekends. That ain't right.

And I agree: Keep improving transit options, especially to/from "dry" gaming cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Richmond, Norfolk, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Charleston.