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Article on Caesars Entertainment

Last edit: level42 on Tuesday, 28th February 2012 9:53 pm
Last response by Halton 29th February 7:30am

I don't know anything about the website that published this or the person that wrote the article, so I can't speak to it's credibility, just thought it was an interesting read.

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 brt374 responded on Wednesday, 29th February 2012

Seems like a pretty solid article, even for someone like me who knows next to nothing about stocks and bonds, etc. Perhaps resort fees would save the company!

 nullzero00 responded on Wednesday, 29th February 2012

the website is huge in investing circles - they provide a lot of info from an investing perspective.

 Halton responded on Wednesday, 29th February 2012

And this is what happens when you don't charge resort fees!