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Better stock bet: LVS vs. WYNN -- cnbc

Last edit: motoman on Tuesday, 1st April 2014 12:39 pm
Last response by MinVegas 1st April 3:26pm


A quick lightning round debate covering valuation, Macao upside, revenue share in Vegas (Wynn kills!)

They seem to agree on most points, concluding a rising tide would lift both boats. (As we've discussed, that tide is already quite high. Like Noah high...)

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 MinVegas responded on Tuesday, 1st April 2014

I question what either company will be without their aging founders. As much fun as we make of Jimbo, MGM has kept a well-managed operation after Kerkorian and then his original guard have slowly exited the stage.

I'm sure Wynn will find somebody to take over for Steve (and honestly, when Steve retires so might Roger), but Adelson has actually exiled himself and fired potential successors over the past six years or so. After retirement, Steve will still be the largest shareholder and so I expect something along the lines of MGM during the Lanni years. Maybe not as expansionistic, but you never know if he might suddenly push for growth. Sheldon seems determined to hold his position down until he physically unable.