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Does Ceasars really care where I play?

Last edit: antcomp on Wednesday, 4th March 2015 7:18 pm
Last response by antcomp 5th March 12:39pm

So I thought just occurred to me. In markets such as Las Vegas, Tahoe, and AC where Ceasars has multiple houses and more or less is a 600 lbs gorilla does the TR computer really care if I stay a Flamingo and play at Cromwell, or Stay at Harvey's but play at Harrahs, or stay at Ceasars but play at Ballys, etc… are they actually concerned that I'm staying at one total rewards property but gambling at another, or is it all going into the same coffers and they're just happy that I'm not going down the street to MGM/Trump/Trop etc…

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 TwisterII responded on Wednesday, 4th March 2015

They care, of course. It is not just specific with Caesars. Most companies analyze their demographic on who is staying where and who is playing where. One example I was given was with Aria - they never advertise for Spring Break. Why? Young people do not stay there. Monte on the other hand...

If you are looking for comps or discounts, gamble where you *want* to stay. Maybe you could clarify more as in "do they care". Of course they care, they want your money. They do know how loyal you are to their brand.

 parchedearth responded on Thursday, 5th March 2015

There are different coffers that provide differing comps. I get multiple offers corresponding to: 1) general demographic market offers (based on TR level), 2) property specific offers (based on total spend - including rooms and meals - at a specific property), 3) slot offers (based on slot play at a specific property), and 4) VIP casino offers (based on table play at a specific property). I try to anticipate where I want to stay on a future visit and prime the offers by playing there several months in advance.

 antcomp responded on Thursday, 5th March 2015

Let me reclarify "do they care". Obviously they care that I spend my money with their company. If Caesars comps my room but I do all my gambling at the B, I'd expect offers to dry up real fast.

I used Caesars because other than Vegas, MGM doesn't have multiple properties in the same market where this would be possible.

I'll give an example here from a trip I took last year.

I went to South Tahoe and stayed at Harveys on a two night comp. However in the course of the trip I gambled at both Harrahs and Harveys. Because my room was comped at Harveys, does the system frown upon the fact that I played at Harrahs too?

Same thing when in Vegas, obviously visitors wander a bit. If your staying at Paris for example, you may venture over to P-ho or Ballys and play a bit. Or stay at Excalibur but possibly play some at NYNY, MGM, etc...

As long as your money stays within the family, so to speak, do they frown upon this when looking at comps? I'm not necessarily trying to get into a nicer hotel, I just like variety on occasion.

 thecosmicjester replied on Thursday, 5th March 2015

I'm going to get a little number-heavy later because casino math fascinates the hell out of me, so... TL;DR: To maximize comps from your preferred casino, lump all of your wandering into a day where you don't play at your preferred casino at all.

I feel like I should add a disclaimer that trying to decipher comp programs is like trying to figure out the arcane black art of airline pricing. There's a lot of number running going on behind the scenes and the way the numbers are run changes like the tides.

As far as I can tell, they don't per se frown on it, but you would get better special offers from your favorite casino if all of your play was concentrated there.

One way to game the system a little bit is to consider your Average Daily Theoretical, ADT for short. This is the theoretical amount of money a specific casino will get from you on any given day that you game with them. For example, if you play $1,000 in one day on a machine that has a 10.00% house edge, then your ADT is $100.

Let's say you prefer to stay and play at Paris, are there for a two day vacation, and the only machine you play anywhere has that 10.00% house edge. The optimum ADT of $100 comes from going through your $1,000 entirely at Paris and then spending the next day lounging by the pool. If you split your play between two days at Paris, then your ADT becomes $50.

But, it's fun to play at other casinos. So, let's go have some fun (but keep it in the Caesars family) by playing at P-Ho and Caesars Palace. If you play $500 at Paris one day, then the next day play $250 at P-Ho and $250 at Caesars, then your ADT at Paris is $50, and $25 at PHo and Caesars. If you play at $250 at both Paris and P-Ho one day, then the next day play $250 at both Paris and Caesars, you've spent the same amount each day at all three casinos, and your ADT is $25 at Paris, P-Ho, and Caesars across the board.

 antcomp replied on Thursday, 5th March 2015

Thats exactly what I was wondering, If ADT was by individual property or if they included all activity within the chain. Presumably this isnt an issue for the majority of guests who dont use/get comps beyond what their points afford them. assuming all things equal in terms of points earned per dollar they get the same comps regardless of playing $100 dollars at Paris or $50 at Paris, $25 at Caesars, and $25 at P-ho. But for those such as most of us here its a bit difference.