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What are the best books on Casino Design?

Last edit: jcdarosa on Tuesday, 21st October 2008 9:09 pm
Last response by Chuckmonster 10th November 11:37pm

I've heard of Designing Casinos to Dominate the it any good?

Any other recommendations?

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 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 21st October 2008

Thats a great question... but i'm curious if the traditional publishing world can keep up with the growth of the casino business. It's a peculiar intersection of interior design, architectural design, psychology and economics... I truly doubt that this subject has been studied and documented thoroughly.

I'd say that the best casino design education you can get is hopping the First Ferry to Macau with a checklist of 10-15 design features and compare how the top 7 joints there deal with them.

 MinVegas responded on Tuesday, 21st October 2008

I have seen a book called Casino Design in the past that included a lot of layouts and photos, but it's out of print and the only used copies at Amazon are selling for $130, so you'll have to judge how badly you want it.

 Ryandb2 responded on Sunday, 9th November 2008

I would recommend Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition. It is huge, well made and contains a TON of information. Full color photos of empty casino layouts and a great financial model. The only real problem with the book is that it focuses only on casino profitability. It calls many modern casino design choices bad because they lower casino profitability. But these same designs help push non gaming revenue, so it doesn't deal with this balance very well. If you are looking strictly for casino design guides there is no better source of information.

Gambler's Book Shop is the only place I found that carries it for a reasonable price since it is out of print. Still expensive but worth every penny.

Other than that everything else I have found has little hard evidence mostly design theory without empirical evidence.

 Chuckmonster replied on Monday, 10th November 2008

Ryan - are you in the biz?

 Ryandb2 replied on Monday, 10th November 2008

Nope, not in the biz. I grew up around it and have been an avid casino architecture fan for as long as I can remember but I'm not affiliated with any casinos. Hope that doesn't make my opinion any less valid, trust me the book is golden :)

 Chuckmonster replied on Monday, 10th November 2008

certainly not - and welcome aboard the board! can't wait to hear more of your thoughts on this stuff as it fascinates me.