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Coming to Vegas, who pays out the most.

Last edit: patsyp6 on Saturday, 31st January 2009 12:53 pm
Last response by Does43 16th February 1:14am

I play in Mississippi every weekend. I'm coming to Vegas and would like to know which Casino has the best payout on slots.

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 rbg81601 responded on Saturday, 31st January 2009

The Palms, hands down, has the best slot payouts in Vegas. Check out the most recent Trippies, its a helpful guide to your sin city adventures!

 MinVegas responded on Saturday, 31st January 2009

Speaking as a local who plays slots exclusively and just about anywhere, they all blow equally.

What we do in Vegas is load up the casino with a lot of games that have poor jackpot odds. Actual percentages are hard to get ahold of (and divided only by section, such as Strip VS Henderson VS Downtown VS North-town) but there's never any huge differences anyway. How we getcha is variety: Old 800credit/1600credit jackpot Double Diamond machines, for instance, are pretty easy to win the top prize on, so those mostly left the building two years ago. Though there's still a few 25cent ones hanging around at Planet Hollywood and maybe Luxor. But it's now about video penny slots and other machines that are nigh-impossible to win the top prize of.

So, payout seems to be dictated more on floor selection than general stingyness. Wynn and Encore also have some less screwy slots so long as you're willing to bet at least $1 a spin. Even top-prize Double Diamond and Wild Cherry are available.

(PS: Speaking from personal experience, the Palms has a nice PR department but aren't that much different from anybody else.)

 Chuckmonster responded on Saturday, 31st January 2009

I'm one of the few people who knows EXACTLY how to win at slot machines and I've posted my exclusive techniques here.

THEY ARE 100% guaranteed to increase the odds of you winning - NO RISK!


 MinVegas replied on Saturday, 31st January 2009

While I haven't tried them myself, I can confirm that basically everyone else in the casino is using this guide.

 Chuckmonster replied on Saturday, 31st January 2009

That's because they work! Everyone knows that the casinos make all their money with show tickets, slot machines are a loss leader, if you know the secrets!

 KungFuApril replied on Tuesday, 17th February 2009

I like to tickle the ball on the ones with the arm left. I like to think they like it.

 Chuckmonster replied on Tuesday, 17th February 2009

even one ball bandits love to have them tickled.

 nullzero00 responded on Monday, 2nd February 2009

best bet is always to stick to craps and blackjack using correct strategy

 Spyder responded on Monday, 2nd February 2009

I always play machines called "ATM"'s, those things pay out every time!!!!

 shauseman replied on Tuesday, 31st March 2009

House still has a 2-10% advantage on those if you use a casino ATM.

 Does43 responded on Wednesday, 16th February 2011

If you have enough money, just stay behind the slot for days, he will break at some time....