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The Oatmeal pegs Vegas on the nose...

Last edit: MeltYrselfDown on Tuesday, 4th September 2012 1:10 pm
Last response by johntree 7th September 3:04pm


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 vespajet responded on Tuesday, 4th September 2012

As usual, The Oatmeal is on point.

 stevie responded on Tuesday, 4th September 2012

Nailed it! I have a pool at home, so I very rarely visit a resort pool for those reasons. I did get in the Aria pool a couple of times in the spring, no kids. The Mirage pool looked like a day care last week. No thanks.

 Boeing1 responded on Wednesday, 5th September 2012

Sad but true. I love the Mirage, but my last couple of stays there have been much like the and young 20-somethings seemingly drinking beer for the first time.

 johntree responded on Friday, 7th September 2012

Hah! Funny but too true. The brochures are usally better than the reality. Thanks for the post.