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Bally's South Tower renovations have begun

Last edit: Drake on Saturday, 22nd June 2013 7:24 am
Last response by Drake 25th June 5:15am

Good news for Bally's fans! From the pool at Paris this week, we could see work taking place on the top six floors of the South Tower. Hopefully they're doing it right, too (RUGS, Gary, not laminate...and replace the bathroom fixtures while you're at it!).

You could see the painters at work through a number of open windows, and two floors were still completely taped up for the painting crew.

These rooms are quite big and they all have fabulous mid-strip views, especially the south-facing rooms which overlook the Paris pool. Done right, the South Tower could be an awesome choice in the mid-market category.

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 chrisrobbins1980 responded on Sunday, 23rd June 2013

Have you murdered Amanda Bynes' vagina yet Drake?

 NeverJustJ responded on Monday, 24th June 2013

Vegas Inc. has just posted a tiny bit of information on the new rooms:

I'm very happy to hear the tower is going to be renamed Jubilee...hopefully it's a sign the show is not going anywhere any time soon...hopefully...

Sorry, Drake, the article doesn't indicate what will be on the floors (at least not in the rooms)...but it kind of hints that the bathrooms will be completlely replaced...maybe...

 Drake replied on Tuesday, 25th June 2013

In light of Chuck's recent post, maybe they should rename it the Flea Market Tower. Thanks for the link, though, it does sound like they're doing at least one thing right at Bally's. If my TR play can get me in lower than that $99 base rate, I'll definitely give it a go.

chrisrobbins1980: you must be mistaking me for the "Drake" with talent and looks. That said, Ms. Bynes is another example of why parents who push their children into show biz should be horsewhipped. That's one messed-up kid.