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Resort fees and Kayak

Last edit: toastcmu on Monday, 26th August 2013 2:50 pm
Last response by n580564x 27th August 11:50am

Just was doing a Kayak search today and I noticed that Kayak now gives a total price with taxes and fees option when searching hotels. While it's not the default option, it's there now - unfortunately for Derek and others with fees, without a default rating/star category, it vaults the Golden Gate from being first in the results to the El Cortez and Arizona Charlie's Boulder as the top results. I'm wondering if this is a direct shot at Derek since they outlined to use the reasons why they added a fee and dropped the overall prices.

I'm definitely pleased to see it as an option to make travelers more informed, but as Derek stated, these OTAs have such a big presence, I'm wondering what will be next. I'm starting to think that casinos may reward only those with players club rates by going directly to the casino's website. It certainly seems to work for Southwest (although that's another discussion in terms of how they're not the discount airline anymore)


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 vespajet responded on Monday, 26th August 2013

It may be along the lines of getting the FTC off their backs. Just as the airlines have been forced to be more transparent with their taxes and fees, the travel sites as well as hotel sites may be forced to as well, and some sites may be going ahead with it to head the FTC off at the pass.

 anawas responded on Tuesday, 27th August 2013

Kayak has had an option to include taxes for at least a few months. Not sure when they added the fees, as well, but I'm glad they did.

And, for desktop users, they've added a hover function on their regular search results that displays the taxes in gray under the listed price.

 n580564x replied on Tuesday, 27th August 2013


I went to Kayak in July to book a room for my stay and there were no options for fees, this is a new developement between mid July and now and may well be in direct response to Mr. Stevens. It may be the F You to him. lol