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Long Hauling Fun

Last edit: cdnmike28 on Tuesday, 10th September 2013 3:34 pm
Last response by motoman 29th September 2:46am

I knew I should have purchased one of those I got tunneled shirts, I saw on here a few weeks ago! I arrive at terminal one on Thursday night, the flight was 45 min early so I am off to a good start! My luggage is the third one down the conveyor belt, and things keep getting better. I get out to the taxi stand and there is only a short line so after throwing the bag into the trunk we are off. I grab one of the 24/7 books from the back seat pockets and take a quick glimpse, when I look back up I notice the sign saying interstate 15 and quickly realize my that luck has changed. As we enter the tunnel I take a few minutes and think about how am I going to approach this. My first thought is ask this non English speaking SOB why he is long hauling me. Then common sense kicks in and I realize I don't want to get booted out of his cab in the middle of the highway with my luggage in his trunk. I ride quietly and eventually reach the entrance to the Palazzo where I take a quick look at the meter and it reads $26 something. I get out of the cab and go and retrieve my luggage. Now I feel more comfortable. The Cabby looks at the meter and tells me the price, but I have a couple questions first. First I ask why he tunneled me, to which he replies it was busy. I told him that it is not busy and that he knows he long hauled me. He just stands there with a stupid look not knowing what to say. I then ask him what he thinks is fair, to which he once again quotes the meter price. I had a $20 bill in my hand and told him that I suggest he take this and be happy, or I would have the valet call the taxi authority. To this he doesn't say anything and walks back to the driver seat while I walk away realizing my luck hasn't really changed, because I probably saved money because with tip on a normal ride I would have spent more than $20.00. Now feeling pretty good, I walk up to the registration desk and am the third person in line. I'm getting my ID and credit card from my wallet when all of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder and hear someone say excuse me in broken English. I turn around, to see the cabby standing there. I think to myself this guy has some balls! He starts loudly telling me that I owe him $34 because that's what the meter says. I take a quick look around and not only are the other people in line staring at me, but so are the ladies behind the desk. I tell the guy, I don't owe you shit. He keeps repeating $34 dollars (if you ever have seen the old movie Better off Dead it kind of reminded me of the paper boy in that movie "I want my 34 dollars". I step out of line and say to the guy be happy with the $20 or we can call the cab authority. To my surprise he says ok. So off I walk following him out to the valet area. He is about 15 feet in front of me and keeps looking over his shoulder, to see if I am following. When he walks past the desk I stop, when he looks around again, I motion for him to come back. At this point I receive some kind of 4 finger salute from him,which I can only assume means fuck off in his country, and off he went. So back inside I go. A couple of people who were in the line stop me to ask me what happened. After a quick explanation and informing one guy that there really is "taxi police"I finally make it up to the desk to check in. I end up with an awsome lady. I don't know if she saw what had happened and felt sorry for me, or if it was just my lucky day, but she upgraded me to a room with a good view, and told me that she wasn't going to charge me the resort fees.

Later on that night I was sitting at the bar having drinks and thinking about the situation. I would like to thank the cab driver. Not only did he save me a couple of bucks on my cab fare, but I saved $75 on resort fees and got a better room. I also expect that he screwed himself worse, because he must have left his meter running to arrive at $34 because I know it was under $27 when I got out of the Cab. GOODTIMES!

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 anawas responded on Tuesday, 10th September 2013

I salute everything about this story except for the obvious lack of paragraph breaks.
Hope your luck in Vegas continues.

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 11th September 2013

Ditto! Love your response to the situation; very long paragraph ;)
Agree he had to have left the meter running (or he was trying to double down on the scam).

I hope the other folks in line got to learn a thing or two about longhauling, and I do believe the desk lady saw what happened and was feeling like, "Your room key, Mr. Bond!"

Hotel personnel are well aware of the situation. A concierge at Encore gave us specific directions to the airport after printing our boarding passes, and upon hearing our sad longhaul story (we said "No tunnel, Paradise please," got attitude and the scenic route) explained that cabbies are starting to counterattack against increasing visitor awareness. Fuck!

 mpb777 responded on Wednesday, 11th September 2013

I think you handled this with much more grace than I would have.

I'm taking Rosetta Stone to learn how to say F* Off in Somalia. Maybe I should have studied sign language instead?

 Happygirl21 responded on Thursday, 12th September 2013

On my last trip I too got tunneled. I was not happy, called the driver out, told him I thought it was a pretty crappy thing to do, paid the fare, but left no tip.

What I am wondering, is there ever an appropriate time to actually use the tunnel? Maybe going downtown from McCarran? I don't mean to sound dumb but really what's its main purpose?

 motoman replied on Sunday, 29th September 2013

Residents of Henderson & the southern/southeastern suburbs.
Tourists driving to the Boulder Strip, Green Valley Ranch or Hoover Dam.
Those trying to get to I-40 and Phoenix or Albuquerque....

... and effing scamming longhauling Vegas cab drivers ! ! !

 MEMO1 responded on Thursday, 12th September 2013

Hahahaah Karma !