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Last edit: MeltYrselfDown on Monday, 21st September 2015 7:22 am
Last response by Blakjackkid 22nd September 5:21pm

I suppose I could just comment on the post about the podcast in the News section, but logistically a bored [sic] post seems more fitting.

I was listening to the most recent episode of the podcast (money), as one does, and considering just how much of a gambling trip to anywhere is predicated on keeping one's head above water, monetarily speaking, I thought it would be interesting to broach the topic on the board.

I, for one, try to stick to my allotment. Mind you, I generally only have a budget for gambling, and that's one bucket to last the whole trip. I don't have a strict daily limit. I like to book my hotel(s) well in advance, and I have been getting great deals via consolidator sites like Hotwire and Orbitz for years now. So by the time I get to vegas, my stay is paid off. And I don't budget for food/drink. Because it's necessity. And living in NYC means the prices I pay in vegas are usually still less than I would be paying at home.

So that leaves gambling... Generally, I budget myself for time, not dollars. Because I play "by the book" blackjack at levels that my bank account can sustain, I usually don't lose my shirt or win millions, but ride it out with a slow trickle. I usually cash out about even at tables and lose at the machines, but I always have a good time.

BUT on the occasion I do lose "too much" in a session, my first instinct is to find a Pai Gow Poker table. I've sat for HOURS at PGP, drinking whatever shitty scotch on the rocks the waitress is allowed to serve me, shooting the shit with the dealers, pit bosses, other folks at the table... Hell, the last time I was at the Palms, I was at the table soo long they comp'd me a pack of smokes and a buffet...and I wasn't even losing money!

So, now I've got a question for you, the rest of the peanut gallery...
What do YOU do when you're down on your luck in vegas?

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 blakjak21 responded on Monday, 21st September 2015

When I've had a bad session, I follow up with something quick to eat. I then re-treat back to the room, enjoying the view of the strip and the mountains beyond. I'm from NYC, no serene mountains to look at here. If it's during the day, I might take a walk outside. I usually stay at the Wynn, so I'll walk over to the front of the Mirage and just listen to the cascading water in front. Sounds silly, but it's an escape.

 anawas responded on Monday, 21st September 2015

Pai Gow is one of my favorite slow-it-down gambling tactics, too, though I've rarely been a winner in my various many-hour binges. (That said, I had enough Pai Gow success during my July trip that I didn't play any real poker. And I went to Vegas so that I *could* play poker.)

I also found buying a 24-hour bus pass for the Deuce or Strip-Downtown Express is an excellent way to burn a couple hours. It wasn't as restful as I would have hoped, but the buses offer an amazing perspective.

Aboard a bus, you'll see folks who are REALLY down on their luck, as well as the regular workers who toil every day to make our vacations special. (You'll also encounter more than a few "stupid" tourists aboard.) And you see most of Las Vegas Boulevard, from the Strip's glittering palaces to the seedy blocks north of the Stratosphere.

PROTIP: You don't *have* to swipe a fare card to ride the rail-like Strip-Downtown Express (SDX) buses, but be prepared to stand for the whole journey because there aren't enough seats for all the freeloaders.

But the best thing to do (and, potentially, it's free!) is to grab a magazine from the poker room and head to the pool for some people-watching and/or light reading.

 Diablo responded on Tuesday, 22nd September 2015

Hit the gym for a couple of hours (wynn has a pretty nice one and its always been empty when ive gone in the past). It clears your mind, and you get to step away from the noise of vegas.

 Blakjackkid responded on Tuesday, 22nd September 2015

Catch a show or two and have drinks at my favorite bar(s) and then walk the entire length of the Strip from Mbay to the Strat and back to my home base wherever that happens to be. I also check out the Bellagio Conservatory and Fine Art gallery on every trip regardless of whether I'm up or down.