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Gold Card with M Life- Comp Room- Odds of Upgrade?

Last edit: lrpellet on Friday, 4th November 2016 6:54 am
Last response by cschoony 5th November 8:45pm

We are staying at the Belliago in February during the middle of the week for 2 nights in a Belliago Suite. I have a gold M life card and I have read that I get upgrades if available. I know my room is already a comp but does anyone think we will get anything better? We are going for my cousins 21st birthday and I at least want a view of the fountains.

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 PunxsyPhil responded on Friday, 4th November 2016

Short answer is no. I've heard this from others. I stayed at Bellagio and asked for any upgrades associated with gold status and they offered a few but with upgrade charge.

 parchedearth responded on Friday, 4th November 2016

Unlikely to get an upgrade, primarily because "fountain view" would be the upgrade and they are highly requested. You probably need to be Noir to get this upgrade, as I'm Platinum and don't think I would have much of a chance. I strongly recommend going to Hyde when they first open around 5pm to get a view of fountains.

 MeanGene responded on Friday, 4th November 2016

Our experience with the upgrade "when available " is that an upgrade rarely is. Most times various upgrades are available for a price, but often not of any real difference from what we would have paid to reserve that room in the first place. That being said, the last time we went on a comp, they gave us an upgrade to a suite at around the price we would pay for a basic room.

 parchedearth responded on Saturday, 5th November 2016

Regarding upgrades, I often receive an email prior to my already booked trip that offers me various paid upgrades. Some of these can be a very good value (some are also a waste). Several times I have gotten corner suite upgrades at Aria for $79/night (on a $75 deluxe room reservation). These rooms are usually a good value at $300/night. I recently took an upgrade from Mandalay Bay (standard room) to a view suite at Delano for $79/night. Just tonight, I signed up for an upgrade at Linq next weekend to a 1bdrm suite for $114/night (on a comped deluxe room reservation). Their website is asking $500/night for that room on the same nights.

Personally, I am willing to spend some money if I can get a big discount on a much nicer suite than I would normally book. I've used this approach for years and gotten some great suites that I never would have stayed in otherwise.

 cschoony responded on Saturday, 5th November 2016

Unfortunately it looks like the odds are against you. That is the most commonly asked for upgrade, but I suppose you might get lucky - never hurts to ask. I've never been successful.