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Gaming coming to Saipan

Last edit: NeverJustJ on Saturday, 29th March 2014 1:01 am
Last response by JamesAt15 13th May 6:11pm

Heard from a friend with extensive business connections in Saipan that a dramatic expansion of gaming has just been approved there. Who knows if anyone cares, but it's not often I have "insider" information, so I just had to share!

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 JamesAt15 responded on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

My first thought was, "...but Saipan already has casino gaming?"

I had to refresh my memory. Saipan does not. Nearby Tinian does, and has had it for quite some time.

Looks like the Saipan measure was approved, so they'll be getting it on Saipan island as well.

Will it be a big deal? I don't know but my feeling is probably not. I am biased by being a Japan resident, but I tend to think of Saipan as a resort island that Japanese go to when they want someplace closer and cheaper than Hawaii. With Japanese casinos on the horizon, I think it is unlikely that casino developers will put much effort into building up Saipan gaming.