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The Philippines: an undiscovered gem of Asian Gaming

Last edit: StudiodeKadent on Sunday, 26th March 2017 12:45 am
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Think Macau, but smaller, cheaper, with MUCH more excitement and much better service, with people who usually speak english (and, frankly, sexier girls).

Its much more "vegas-y" here in many ways, and most of the gamblers are Korean, Japanese and Filipino so you don't have the whole "gambling in a funeral parlor" feel that serious Chinese gamblers have. Also, drunk Koreans are great to gamble with. And the limits/minimums are a touch lower than in Macau too.

Mostly Baccarat but with a little bit of Blackjack and a small amount of Craps. Baccarat is still the big game though.

If you want value for money, the Philippines is much better than Macau and is also much more understandable for Westerners.

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