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Lovin' the new Trop!

Last edit: LAvegasphile on Monday, 23rd August 2010 10:34 pm
Last response by LAvegasphile 24th August 11:24pm

Just returned from a fantastic weekend in a new corner suite at the Tropicana; I'm totally blown away with what they are doing with the place! Scored the suite for only 90 bucks a night and had probably the best strip view I have ever had. Comedy show was pretty good for 30 bucks, and the Casino looks so alive and Vibrant (even though most of it is still under construction). Plus, 5 dollar craps on Saturday night?! I know where I will be staying from now on! Going back in a couple weeks!

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 levans responded on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

I am booking my annual trip by the end of the week and the Trop looks like the place I will pick. I was wondering hust how far along the renovations were. The fact that the casino isnt done yet didnt have much of a factor in my decision. But are the resturants all open and is it easy to navigate around?

 LAvegasphile replied on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Yes the restaurants are open, although I did not visit any of them and the area is easy to get around so I wouldn't worry too much...parking tip! If you want easy self parking near the Paradise tower enter off of LV blvd just before Tropicana ave. and after going right, make your first left, there was a lot of easy parking near the old motor inn building...valet was a bit slow that is my only complaint. I still can't believe how bright and vibrant the place is!

 RockChickX51 responded on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

I would love to stay there. I've always wanted to stay at the Tropicana. I think the old dankness of it will always stay in my heart ::sniff sniff::, nights at the Celebration lounge ::sniff sniff HONK::, waking up ON a slot machine, and still being served drinks (I was passed out drunk, I think I've had enough, but they didn't stop and neither did I).

All the dank memories, I'm still eager to see what the new place looks like. As long as they don't take the old Tiffany glass out of the top I'll be good.

 Kersten67655 responded on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

I'm going to visit the trop in october and I'm very exited abot the new rooms and the new surrounding.
Last year I stayed at the Hard Rock and it was great, but a little far from the strip.

greetz from germany

 Misnomer responded on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

I was there this past Saturday night as well, and had a fantastic time. The renovations look terrific, and to a man, the staff seems very excited about what's going on. The pit bosses were particularly friendly, and the wife and I settled in at a $5 table and played there for nearly 5 hours.

At one point, I went up to the Mezannine level to check out the little balcony that looks out over the casino, and I ended up having a chance encounter with the hotel's executive chef. We talked a bit about all of the restaurants, and particularly about Biscayne. It sounded to me like Biscayne will be a classic gourmet room with the focus being on steak, seafood and wine.

The Tiffany glass is still up at the moment, and frankly, it looks terrific and not a bit out of place with the completed renovations. However, one pit boss told me that it will in fact be replaced. It is actually made up of a number of individual panels affixed to a metal framework. I was told that the frame will stay, but that the panels will be replaced with light colored marbled glass. Apparently, they had a buyer for all of the Tiffany glass, but that fell through. They're trying to avoid selling off the panels individually, and would like to find a buyer for the entire lot of Tiffany panels. Frankly, it still looks great, and I do wish they'd reconsider and just keep it.

At any rate, I concur with LAvegasphile - I'm also lovin' the new Trop!

 LAvegasphile replied on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

The glass fits SO perfectly with the new white marble floors and bright new carpets. It really is tragic that they plan to replace the tiffany glass!

 Drake responded on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Cool. I'm already kicking around my Spring 2011 Vegas plans and this just might be the ticket. Haven't stayed anywhere south strip for years. Time for a change!

 TangiersTodd responded on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Definitely try the Trop. I follow them on Twitter and was intrigued by the posts, renovations and all-around changes. Booked a room in the Paradise tower last month and it was amazing (and inexpensive thx to Twitter deals). And quiet...when I finally did crash I was never once awakened by obnoxious drunk frat boys running up and down the halls yelling and screaming (who seem to follow me whenever I'm in Vegas).

Staff was great and the gaming action was non-stop. And this was with half the casino floor seemingly closed off for renovations. Once they are done and the LV Mob Experience and Nikki Beach pool open next year, the Trop is going to rival any play on the strip.

 sinecure responded on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

We've stayed here twice now and both times they continue to blow me away with service and product!

I enjoyed our last trip I threw a little something together.


My homage to the new Tropicana!

 Misnomer replied on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Beautifully done!

 wpsteel66 responded on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Glad to hear the Trop is 'back and alive'. I was really afraid of this placing going to hell after Yung purchased a few years ago. Ameristar had the Trop purchase all lined up and ready to go, but then at the 11th hour, Yung steps in and buys. His company is notorious for buying properties and driving these into the ground (just look at his properties in Tahoe, Vicksburg, Indiana. Baton Rouge). I plan to stop by on my next trip to see the improvements.

 twofours responded on Tuesday, 24th August 2010

I was there this weekend also.Checked in Friday @ 3 after an easy drive from Socal. The front desk let me know the only room available was on the second floor.I knew right away that it meant an a/c unit-garage view.For some reason I couldn't even buy an upgrade.Their first quarter loss must not have phased them.I've never experienced that before.Hit the nail on the head,room #230, a nice view of a parapet wall and the snow colored roof coating.I used to be in the hotel corporate world F&B and had a restaurant in my past life many years ago. I just don't get the grey hairs and ulcers anymore putting myself in their problems.Maybe I was the perfect guest for an unwanted room.Besides the wife didn't seem to mind.
As nice as they are the cocktail waitresses don't seem to to fit the new South Beach,Nikki Beach look.Hope they don't get the axe for the new format.
Housekeeping did as good as job or better preparing the room as any of the 5star hotels on the strip.The game tables under the Tiffany were small, cozy and cool.
They have a little more to get it finihed but location,location can't always get it done by evidence of the last Tropicana.I'll return again,besides the room issue with front of the house, the rest of the hotel was fun.The best part was I left home with $370 in cash relying on the mandatory trips to the ATM and that didn't happen this time.Haven't done that for a while!