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Is There Something Afoot At Stratosphere?

Last edit: vespajet on Sunday, 15th April 2012 11:37 am
Last response by Chuck52 29th April 10:40am

I was just doing some digging over at the US Patent & Trademark Office (using their Trademark Electronic Search System) seeing if I perhaps could sleuth out something in regards to the new name for the Imperial Palace when I came across two entries that were registered on April 10, 2012 for something called Vegas International Casino & Hotel. The address listed is American Casino Entertainment Properties offices, which also happen to be the location of Stratosphere.

Click this link and enter "casino" as the search term

The first two terms that appear are for Vegas International Casino & Hotel

This begs the question could they be renaming the Stratosphere? Or could this be the name of an addition to their portfolio? Could they be picking up an existing property like say the LVH? Or could this be a mothballed project like the Fontainebleau? Or perhaps they're picking up the land of a shelved project to build this? Or perhaps just something they filed to prevent someone else from using it. Definitely a "stay tuned" sort of thing.

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 Dave702 responded on Sunday, 15th April 2012

LVH, almost definitely. Renaming the Strat doesn't make sense, and I don't see them buying anything else from Carl Icahn any time soon. Makes a ton of sense that it would be the former Hilton, which opened as the International back in 1969.

 vespajet replied on Sunday, 15th April 2012

Them acquiring and putting the name on the LVH seems to be the most logical scenario considering ACEP is a subsidiary of Whitehall Street Real Estate Funds, which is a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs. Whitehall Street owns a 40% stake in the LVH and Goldman Sachs last Fall filed for foreclosure on the LVH due to missed payments on a loan. The way this could play out, ACEP gains another property for next to nothing and definitely boosts their profile in Las Vegas. Then again, Colony Capital could stave off foreclosure, as they are fighting the foreclosure and claiming a conflict of interest on the part of Goldman Sachs since a subsidiary owns a stake in the LVH and also owns other casino properties in Las Vegas. Even if Colony Capital successfully fights the foreclosure, they're a sinking ship that's taking on even more water since the loss of the Hilton brand.

 donnymac66 responded on Sunday, 15th April 2012

Nice find. Would be cool to see the International name back on the Hilton

 jinx73 responded on Monday, 16th April 2012

Very nice find, definitely agree with Donnymac, I'd like to see the International name return and would like to see some of the changes Strat made apply to LVH too.

 DenverGambler responded on Sunday, 22nd April 2012

Makes sense then why they haven't put up any LVH signage

 Chuck52 responded on Sunday, 29th April 2012

Did you notice on the filing that the logo for the Vegas International looks suspiciously like the shape of the old sign for the Hilton/LVH?