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Just got confirmation of Imperial Palce name change

Last edit: DJDarkMark on Tuesday, 15th May 2012 1:52 am
Last response by Drake 19th May 5:05pm

I have a good relationship with some front desk agents and a supervisor there and I got word that they are going to infact change the name to HORSESHOE. They will be announcing it soon im sure, but you can take that to the bank.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

what happens if the check bounces?

 MeltYrselfDown replied on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

pulse of vegas blog just linked to this thread on facebook. fdic insured?

 A5RoadDogg replied on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

^Backup name: Ben, A Bernanke Hotel

 vespajet responded on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

Calling it the Horseshoe makes the most sense seeing as they're trying to pare down the number of brands in the portfolio and we all knew that at some point they would have to drop the Imperial Palace name regardless of their plans for the property. CET has their core brands, Caesars Palace, Harrah's and Horseshoe, of which there is not currently a Horseshoe in Vegas. A Horseshoe in Vegas has been long rumored ever since CET got their hands on the rights to the Horseshoe name in Vegas after buying up Binion's Horseshoe and quickly selling it and retaining it's best assets, the WSOP and rights to the Horseshoe name in Vegas. The original rumored plans centered around Bally's, which never panned out (much like the other grand plans prior to the economic meltdown). Turning the IP into the Horseshoe just makes sense seeing as they have to rename the place anyway due to their agreement on the name expiring.

 DJDarkMark responded on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

Wow, they took my thread off of talking about how I got the confirmation from some higher ups of the name change.

 Chuckmonster replied on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

we still love you.

 sumorez responded on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

I understand the reasoning of wanting to trim down the number of brands, but I thought that the property itself was going for an Asian feel? I guess since they're redoing it totally anyway it doesn't matter, but Horseshoe sounds more western-cowboy than Asian-influenced.

 vespajet replied on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

Let's just say that it was not originally planned to still be open at this point. When the Imperial Palace was bought in 2005, it was only expected to remain open another 12-18 months and then be imploded to start the grand transformation of Harrah's holdings from Bally's to the Flamingo to Harrah's.

 sandyastrogl1de responded on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

I've tried their buffet. The usually look at you funny if you say "horse".

 levans responded on Wednesday, 16th May 2012

I like the name better; there was nothing 'Imperial' about the Imperial Palace unless you considered how much of a pain it was to check into the place.

 Skywise responded on Wednesday, 16th May 2012

I'd say I'd miss the theme but... Aside from the pagoda style facade there really wasn't anything asian about it inside.

(Of course I'm still trying to figure out why the Planet Hollywood restaurant is in Caesers Palace and not... Y'know... PH...)

 Chuckmonster replied on Wednesday, 16th May 2012

Because it has there for 15 years before Aladdin was renamed?

 vespajet replied on Wednesday, 16th May 2012

That's because the Planet Hollywood at the Forum Shops predates the resort by a number of years. Planet Hollywood recently moved to a new space in the Forum Shops.

 jonasjones responded on Wednesday, 16th May 2012

I've never been inside a Horseshoe (Well, besides Binion's) but I don't really identify with the name... is it me, or does it sound old and tired? From the name alone, it doesn't jive with that modern, groovy architecture we've seen images of for the new facade...

 levans responded on Thursday, 17th May 2012

Horseshoe is a name that people from out of town will be aware of. There is a casino here near Chicago with the name so if I was making a trip to Vegas and I had been there i owuld go there before heading somewhere else.

 lewintn responded on Thursday, 17th May 2012

Horseshoe is becoming the CET main brand outside of Vegas. They have one in Tunica, MS (Memphis area), one outside of Louisville, KY (which they rebranded Horseshoe from Caesars), the one outside Chicago just mentioned, one just opened in Cleveland and one under construction in Cincinnati along with additional ones in IN, IA, and LA. Clearly they plan to, eventually, have two national brands (Harrahs and Horseshoe) with name recognition for Strip properties when people visit Vegas.

 jinx73 replied on Thursday, 17th May 2012

Don't get forget the Caesars brand as well.

 lewintn replied on Friday, 18th May 2012

Yes, I just meant that the Shoe and Harrahs are their "feeder" brands for out in the hinterlands to get people to come to Vegas (or AC) for their flagship CP property. Just a guess but I don't think they will name any other new properties CP outside of Vegas.

 Drake replied on Saturday, 19th May 2012

I think you're absolutely right about the branding but that raises the question, "Horseshoe, why the fuck?" As a brand, it ranks right up there with Sinclair gasoline and Dino. Even Binion's Horseshoe was known as Binions. I really don't understand why CET is all hot and bothered over "Horseshoe."