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"At the Vegas Hotel" on Jeopardy!

Started by thecosmicjester on Monday, 2nd December 2013 11:35 am
Last response by jimmybond 2nd December 9:44pm

It's their excited exclamation point, not mine. Can you name the hotels with these things in them? I think most of the people on here would sweep the category with ease.

$200: The Broadway Theater, Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs

$400: The Pyramid Cafe, Carrot Top (The man, the muscles, the hair)

$600: Cleopatra's Barge, The Colosseum

$800: The Tournament of Kings Dining Show, Castle Walk, Fun Dungeon

$1000: A Midway, an Adventuredome

For us, it's pretty easy. The contestants had a terrible time with the category, completely missing the last three.

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 gregdemedio24 responded on Monday, 2nd December 2013

2. Luxor
3. Caesars
4. Excal
5. Circi Circi

 jimmybond responded on Monday, 2nd December 2013

And that's because they are studying at home for Jeopardy while we are out enjoying ourselves in Vegas...never the two shall meet.