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Downtown for One and two 20 somethings...

Started by adztheman on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013 7:51 am
Last response by jinx73 17th December 6:40am

Having tickets for Britney on February 14, I've convinced one of my two travel companions that downtown would work for Thursday before we move to the Strip for Friday and Saturday Nights of that weekend...

I was thinking El Cortez, but with three people, two of whom have likely never been downtown, am I better off looking at the D, or Golden Nugget in this case...hate to deal with resort fees, but that may be unavoidable in this case...

Thursday is going to be ''multi media night'' for me on the Strip, taking pics with my iPhone and iPod, as I'll spend much of the day at El Cortez and The D looking for decent video poker, and DuPar's eating pancakes...I figure the two young ladies can keep themselves busy doing whatever since it won't be pool season...but any suggestions should they start whining?

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 joekollar responded on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013

The Nugget is great all around. If you got a Gold Club room, there's free Spa admission included so perhaps the ladies would enjoy that. The Gold Club rooms are comfortable, free wifi, free snacks/water, line passes and free spa admission. Pretty great for around $100.

 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013

I was blown away when I visited Misnomer's The D Suite during VIMFP.

 vespajet replied on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013

That suite was quite nice. I almost booked one for my Spring trip, but opted to book a Golden Gate Suite for several hundy less. For 2/13, the rate for one of The D suites is $139 before tax and the resort fee.

 pkluvsvegas responded on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013

Downtown Grand also looks nice, however, I would rather stay in a basic pyramid room at Luxor than at the biggest suite Downtown. To me the whole area just feels seedy.

 vespajet replied on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013

Opening up a HUGE can of worms with that statement.....

 Chuckmonster replied on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013

i stayed in a pyramid room at luxor recently and toured suites at the downtown grand in october. luxor certainly has its merits, but without a doubt the newer suites downtown are dramatically better.

 n580564x replied on Tuesday, 10th December 2013


It doesn't sound like you know much about Downtown with a statement like that. Maybe you should stick to commenting about the Strip and leave Downtown to people who know what they are talking about? ok. Moving on to the question, adztheman I would say your best choice would be The D, Golden Nugget, Golden Gate, The Plaza and Main Street Station in that order. The Golden Nugget is still very nice, but it seems a little dated especially with the very nice renovation over at the D. Good luck and keep introducing people to Downtown, it is the less stuck up crowd and people who are "every man".

 jinx73 responded on Wednesday, 4th December 2013

I'll point out that I haven't stayed at the El Cortez, but I've been in there, and for 2 females that you are 'convincing' to go downtown, I think your only options are D, Nugget, and maybe something like the Plaza or 4 Queens.

I know El Cortez has updated there rooms, but in some senses it's still the El Cortez and is a bit off the regular path, has a little more of the 'unique' DT crowd you would prefer to avoid, and still has a casino that could use some smoke fumigation.

The other question is, are you pushing them downtown for them or you? DT has gotten better with things to do, but that really just means more drinking and gambling options. Is that something they are going to like? If not you might save yourself the headache and get another night on the strip, if they are looking for spas, shopping, or something along those lines. GN has a spa, but I'm not sure it's comparable to some of the offerings on the strip.

 jonasjones replied on Wednesday, 4th December 2013

I was really pleased by the spa at Golden Nugget, yes, it's quite boutique but, it's the only full-service spa downtown and was fully renovated within the last 5 years. Great amenities and lounge areas. Full-service might not be the right verbiage, but you understand.

 parchedearth responded on Wednesday, 4th December 2013

First choice should be a rush tower room at the Golden Nugget. Second choice is a room at the new Downtown Grand. Both have upscale bars, good dining options, and are generally cleaner than the rest of downtown.

Personally, I find staying one night anywhere is probably not worth the hassle of switching hotels. Also, checking in to any strip hotel is easier on a Thurs than on a Friday.

 JakeDAnders responded on Thursday, 5th December 2013

Did you really use the term "multi media"? I'd stay at "The Pla Za". Actually, I've stayed at both the Plaza and Main Street Station for a night the past 2 years and found them more than acceptable. But that's just m-e.

 vespajet replied on Friday, 6th December 2013

I stayed at the Plaza for VIMFP and my only complaint with the room was the floor it was on, 3. With the down escalators habitually broken coming down from the retail and dining areas on the second and third floor, folks leaving the Bingo Room and a few other things on the 3rd floor have to walk by the rooms and some folks were noisier than others. Then there's the whole not having an ice machine on every floor thing. Not complaining too much I as didn't expect much considering I booked via Hotwire.

 jimmybond responded on Friday, 6th December 2013

I would just like to say this is the most misleading titillating trip report title ever...don't tell me I was the only one disappointed. :)

 adztheman responded on Monday, 9th December 2013

Actually this was just a question thrown out to the group..the trip report itself happens in of the 20 somethings I know well, since I used to work with her in my office...

 adztheman responded on Monday, 9th December 2013


El Cortez would be my first choice, as its one of the last properties in the city that does not have a resort fee...Plaza is likely going to be the play here, as I want to see the rooms, and see what they did with the place, having spent some time in the casino earlier in 2013.

Truth is, I want to do one night downtown, as this is trip #14 to Las Vegas for me, I feel it is a civic duty to introduce those who have never been downtown to see what's going on there..and I want to get some meaningful video poker time at places with decent pay tables..

Both young ladies love to drink and booze is cheaper there...I can drop them off at the D's long bar and they'd be perfectly happy and make new friends..

@Jake...I know..''digital media'' is a much better term..I was just dating myself without realizing it...

 donnymac66 replied on Monday, 9th December 2013

Why worry about a resort fee. Do the math and stay where you are happy with the total rate.

I would look at a pimpin' D Suite for sure

 jinx73 replied on Tuesday, 17th December 2013

I can understand that, I like downtown, but in my opinion, it's still just a place to drink and gamble, albeit nicer then it used to be. I only wanted to comment due to the fact, that a number of females I know would be disappointed if those were the only two options.

Hope you have a great trip.