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Article about Absinthe and Rose.Rabbit.Lie

Started by level42 on Sunday, 8th December 2013 8:14 pm
Last response by vespajet 9th December 1:41pm

This quote made me gag a bit:

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"“The great thing about the professional entertainment media in Vegas is they really understand marketing and PR from the Vegas perspective. Every word that I use to describe the show creates an expectation,” he said. “Like the word ‘immersive,’ which is something Jonathan (Segal, head of the One Group) used a lot with Bagatelle.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"


edit: could not get the html link to with copy and paste link.

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 vespajet responded on Monday, 9th December 2013

That quote doesn't bother me a bit. He's the producer and promoting is part of the game. Now citing Bagatelle was probably not a good idea though. You can look up articles from the Australian press for their show Empire (Which has been a huge hit in Australia and is practically on an open-ended tour Down Under.), he's making comments of a similar nature in regards to that show.

I was not aware of the circumstances behind the departure of Tony “Tightropes” Hernandez from Absinthe until this article. They really kept that hushed up (nor would any cast members go into detail regarding the ending of the Esteemed Gentlemen Of the High Wire)and it does explain some of his tweets in recent months. I'm a bit shocked.

I'm already planning on checking out Rose.Rabbit.Lie when I'm out there this Spring, as the whole concept intrigued me even before Spiegelworld's involvement was announced.